Jazz nights and happy days

Have my LA people heard about the Sunday night Jazz nights at the W hotel downtown? Well it’s new to me, and I must say it is quite a good time. In fact it is one of my favorite events I’ve found here in a long time. Of course I enjoy my casual friendly nights, and Mosaic always beats out most; however if you’re looking for a classy night out to dress up and groove, then you’ve got to swing by and maybe take a friend or two.



‘Featuring live vintage jazz and blues with Nikki Leonti and The Honest Cheaters.’


{ photo taken from:

http://i.ytimg.com/vi/kZErAUR_hxk/maxresdefault.jpg }

There are a couple of bars surrounding the area, if that suits you. The swirling -staircase is gorgeous and used as a grand prop. Not to mention the chandelier high above. While the band is quite classic and brash, the singers are unbelievable. When they battle it out, you have to give them a ravishing applause. There seems to be a few guest performers welcomed every so often, and I even heard PRINCE once made an appearance.

IMG_0523     Brenna-at-the-W1

As far as attire goes, for the most part everyone was pretty dressy. I saw a few men in suits, and a handful of cocktail dresses. Nonetheless, some people were a bit more casual, with hats, beards and bowties alike.

IMG_0501  { glass ceilings makes for an outdoor feeling }


I was lucky enough to have my roomie and superstar performer, Miss Gale along with me. We were each other’s dates, which is always the best idea. I won’t say we didn’t chat with a few gentlemen nonetheless. Otherwise we found ourselves dancing and swaying together, altogether having an amazing time. In fact I wouldn’t mind going weekly if it were up to me!

IMG_0514    IMG_0519

The perfect night would be Mosaic, following up with some Jazz at the W 🙂

Everything I’ve decided to be involved with lately has simply been to feel good. In other words, I’m only choosing to do things that make me happy. For me that usually entails:


Dance class

Dinners with friends

Live music

Improvisational sessions

Old and new memories

IMG_0465  { and drives home }

Much more of this to come. Learning to do what truly makes me the happiest, over what I think does can be quite the interesting journey. It’s definitely something worth exploring daily.

Stay tuned for more of this ongoing fun.



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