A few thoughts on improvisation

If you know anything about me, you’d understand how much I LOVE improvisation through movement. However this wasn’t always true for me. In fact before college I absolutely despised creating things without any preparation. In any case I was way too concerned about making things look ‘cool’ and I thought about it more than I should.

Sydney Sorenson_CPRowePhoto2012-6838-2 { photo by Chelsea Rowe @ the University of Utah }

After careful weekly studies and exploration, I learned to take a liking to it quite quickly. Being given exercises and challenges, as well as restrictions somewhat extreme; eventually it just became natural. By natural I mean it became more of me artistically, as long as I was out of my head almost entirely. In other words, I didn’t form any boundaries for myself (unless they were intentional to bring out more). Like any practice it must happen often. One must realize there’s always room for growth and discovery, as in anything.

~ ~ ~

This is a part of a recent spur of the moment improvisation, on a normal Friday evening. As I was working on my own choreography and exploring the creative process, I decided to take a little break and let what may be, be.

Here are a few challenges I gave myself, considering some tendencies I’ve had in the past:

Song choice: something I would normally never improvise to, opposing the movement I naturally create.    Pony by the R n B artist Ginuwine, or in this case an acoustic cover by Patrick Lentz.


Paying careful attention to musicality and the faint sounds not always heard.

A section of minimalism, since I’m that kind of power strung dancer who likes to move expansively.

Using lines as transitions and not pictures, flowing everything together.

An ending. No stopping. Clear dynamics throughout.

Whether I accomplished all of these moments or not, it gave me something to explore in order to find something new.

~ ~ ~

Every bit of this was done on the spot. If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of work, it may seem impossible. However letting your body go, listening to your insides and the environment around you, creates magical moments for yourself. So I urge you to TRY IT. Whether you’re a dancer, a musician or any kind of artist. Try creating without thinking, and just go. It is ultimately liberating and you’ll be surprised at what you find!

Whenever you do this kind of exercise, make sure to call me! I’m always up for a good session.


Thanks for watching 🙂



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