the comfort of being h o m e

Recently I have been visiting my home due to various obligations. I cannot say that I would complain about any excuse to make it back to good old Utah. Isn’t it funny how the feeling towards your birthplace changes over time? It is the sense of security and comfort that draws me back over and over again.


This time I have not only been able to see family, I’ve run into many friends from my past college days as well as my dance upbringing. Seeing these people really reminded me of how much I’ve loved having each and every one of them in my life. It’s crazy to think the number of people we encounter over time and the way that they affect, change and shape us. Dancers are interesting specimens and I must say I find them to be some of the most intriguing.

IMG_0784    IMG_0777

{ plus beauty and green drinks }

Here are a few things I’ve been up to:

– I was able to see the work of a company I grew up watching and being involved with                           { } – as well as my close friend as a performer. At times this kind of art goes unappreciated. I always say you don’t always like what you don’t get. It is something I am completely obsessed with however. The kids involvement and playfulness is something I admire and adore. The projection of the movement which completely changes one’s perspective, was completely mesmerizing. Playing with the perception of space and how you see things is one of the most interesting things to me right now. Something so simple can change the eye entirely.

So now I ask: What is new? How do we as artists keep this rolling along?

IMG_0713    IMG_0712

– Dancing long hours over a couple of days, in all different styles with many of my friends, was the absolute best way to spend my weekend.


– Being out in my old college stomping grounds was quite the laughing matter, but of course we ended up dancing the night away all the while. Although I must say as an introvert, every ‘outing’ is a negotiation for me no matter what. So I careful choose just the right ones.

Super Bowl Sunday with my brothers and my Mom’s chicken wings couldn’t be beat.


{ photo by Greg King – cheering on our Ute, starting for the Patriots }

– Watching my tiny brother play basketball, while the studly older brother cheered him on, was everything my heart needed.

IMG_0793    IMG_0703

IMG_0797     IMG_0791

– Training with my mentor, long-life friend and Pilates guru  is exactly what my body and soul has been longing for.



– Oh yes and the regular long walk with my Mom is the best therapy session you’ll ever get in your life, not to mention the fact that she makes you feel like you could take over the world.

IMG_0728    IMG_0799

Nonetheless it’s been a good one. Although my time here is hardly over, and there’s still a few people to see while I’m here; I am immensely happy for the small bit of time I do get to spend in a place I call home.

IMG_0806    IMG_0807

Thanks for stopping by!

Next I will be speaking on some of my thoughts on dating. Why not? It’s February!

Be back soon,


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