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This past weekend, I was able to travel to the Big Apple to perform at a major event with a dance group named Keshet. Together we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria off of Park Ave. & 49th St. If you can imagine the beauty of this place, the incredible ballroom set up with the stage we stepped foot on was no different. The chandeliers, décor and flashing lights added to the spectacular view. Walking outside in the below zero weather, was a whole new adventure.

IMG_1386_2     IMG_1375   @waldorfnyc

IMG_1688_2     IMG_1404

Before the show day, each of us had the chance to explore the city. Although we had flown in on a red eye flight, that didn’t stop us from venturing out in Time Square. I was lucky enough to have a partner in crime – my very good friend from Disney – alongside to take me around. It wasn’t that I hadn’t visited NYC before, however this guy is an expert having lived here for many years.



We decided to see Matilda on Broadway, in honor of our good friend Brendan who is running this show in Australia. Can I just say this is one of the most incredible productions I’ve ever seen! Not to mention the majority of the cast is full of young children, who give the adults a run for their money. I’ve never been so impressed in my life. The choreography is so new and intricate, with gestural progression that emanates from modern movement. When the props came out to play, they were used in every way possible and with the best sense of timing. I haven’t laughed, cried or been so awe-struck by something such as this in quite a long time.


Tickets purchased from:

TKTS (discount tickets) in TS

IMG_1473_2     IMG_1535_2

As far as food goes, here are a few places Trevor and I visited while searching around:

Authentic thai – yummy curry and thai tea

Treehaus – breakfast, coffee and juice bar

Vive la crêpe! – mmm savory and sweet,

Mille-feuille bakery café – to taste that ever so famous cronut

IMG_1653_2     IMG_1671_2

IMG_1664_2      IMG_1507_2

Sunday was a beautiful performance for us, a part of The Times of Israel Gala related to telling Israel’s remarkable story. People such as the former President of Israel, the newest Wonder Woman in Hollywood and the owner of the Patriots were in the audience. It was held in the Grand Ballroom, with gorgeous balconies and a chandelier coming through each windowed seat. We were honored to be a part, both opening and closing this extraordinary presentation.

IMG_1541_2     IMG_1539

IMG_1558  { Keshet dancers: Kelly Allen, Angela Bergamo, Russel Corps, Aaron Czuprenski, Trevor Downey, Micaela Depauli, Emmy Frevele, Maor Levy, Rafael Quintas, Sydney Sorenson }

take a look at the event here:

Afterwards, I headed out with an old friend from Utah who is now living in the big city. He showed me around and we ended up at an NBA All Star game after party. I could have sworn I saw The Weeknd dancing next to me! Following a few songs we decided to brave the cold once again. Did I mention it was below zero almost the entire time? Thank heavens for layers, dancing, and good friends to keep me warm.

IMG_1569     IMG_1465_2

IMG_1487      IMG_1367_2

Oh yes did I mention the caliber of events that were happening in NYC this particular weekend?

NBA All Star Game

the beginning of Fashion Week

SNL 40th Anniversary

… yea

IMG_1373      IMG_1380

Monday morning I was able to taxi to Washington Square and take a look at New York University campus. If anyone is as excited about the arts and academics as I am (and not to mention the ‘moon dance’ scene in August Rush), then this is the place to be! Man it is such a gorgeous area, full of good vibes, growth and expertise. Solely walking through the lobby of the College for the Arts, made me want to set up camp there. The kind of appreciation I have for an institution as such is beyond measurable.

IMG_1593       IMG_1641

Before we headed to the airport, my fellow accomplice and I strolled around the Upper East Side and we found ourselves: taking photos, admiring our surroundings, scaring the pigeons and picking up a couple of treats to take home. I must say as messy as the cronut had been, it was rather divine to taste and finger through. Oh yes and you better believe I purchased a NY Yankees beanie and a snow globe for my baby brother.

IMG_1577_2      IMG_1583_2


Until next time NYC.

I’m coming back for you VERY soon.

I promise.



Much love,



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