What is in a – p a r o d y >> and appreciating the original work {Sia}

Let’s just keep one thing clear: I am obsessed with Sia’s latest videos and I applaud Ryan Heffington’s work with his tiny dancer. Plus who doesn’t want to see Shia all bearded and scuffed up? The parody I appear in is not to discredit any of this. In life, I feel like you have to be able to make fun of absolutely everything. This light-hearted approach keeps us thriving.


Sia is an interesting creature. From what I understand her work is never meant to be taken so literal. Although she predicted the feelings that ‘Elastic Heart’ might bring, it was never her intention. If one knows anything about art, it’s that it is not always created to be understood. This particular video exudes two different sides to her: both people play characters of her personality, and not of a pedophiliac nature.

Nonetheless, that is exactly what many people saw, bringing up upsetting feelings towards the work. For me this is a somewhat small-minded way of viewing things. One must be open to seeing the bigger picture, instead of being too quick to judge. As I always say, you do not always take a liking to what you do not understand.

{ in case you haven’t seen the original – again i love it }

As far as the p a r o d y goes, I had quite a ball creating this video. I spent the entire day laughing at Mr. Bart Baker and the production team was amazing. Not to mention, I always enjoy working with the darling Melissa Schade. I hope you look more into what they are producing on a weekly matter. Bart has a highly popular YouTube channel, where he satirizes well-known artist’s music and videos. He writes all of his own lyrics in relation to the original videos. Ms. Schade is an amazing choreographer who I’ve worked with many times (specifically with LACDC), whom oddly enough has worked alongside Mr. Heffington quite closely.

IMG_1185_2      IMG_1189

IMG_1160_2   { Melissa Schade + assistant Ryan Spencer }


Seeing Stan Lee in the end scene was quite the treat for me! You may not believe this, but I am one of the biggest Marvel fans there is! Okay not back to the comic book days, but I do enjoy all of his movies and plot themes. He’s brilliant!

{ i play Maddie }

So basically I’m saying this: I appreciate all work being put out there, whether it is meant to be understood or not. I think a spoof on anything brings greater awareness to what we might actually be thinking. Although it’s funny, it’s also interesting to be able to decipher public response and reactions. For me, I say the weirder the better. I absolutely love when something causes controversy, as long as it has the right intention. Anything in art can be confusing at times. That’s why it’s there. It is there to make us think, and to escape our daily bustle. You relate to it what you want. As an audience we are free to think whatever we may.

IMG_1191     IMG_1182_2

I of course could never portray Maddie exactly as she is. She’s one talented little girl and that’s what makes it all the more laughable with me thrown in there. Either way, I had a great time. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this creation, and I urge everyone to continue to make work that gets people talking!


Thanks for watching 😉

Stay tuned for more!

Ms. Sydney

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