A new Theatre & Skin Care

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to a new Theatre on L.A.’s westside, right off Santa Monica Blvd. It has been in operation since 1974 and is known to be the ‘epicenter’ for independent films. This is something I greatly appreciate, being from a place where one of the largest film festival’s is held each year. I highly suggest you visit the NUART Landmark Theatre ASAP!!   (thank you to Trevor — my NYC partner in crime)

IMG_1814     IMG_1820


A behind the scenes look at the creation of a new ballet, is what drew us to this historical cinema.  A young choreographer in New York City Ballet’s corps de ballet, has been commissioned to construct the company’s four hundredth and twenty-second piece of work. It’s rather extraordinary, and leaves you eager for more.




{ taken from the official site – make sure to check out the trailer }

Now if I haven’t stressed enough how important ballet is as a foundation for dance, then you must not know me all that well. Although I didn’t got into ballet per say, that does not mean I don’t value it as much as humanly possible.


Side note: Did I mention the theatre plays The Rocky Horror Picture Show, every Saturday at midnight?? 

One thing I equate to being similarly as important to ballet training, is careful skin care. Here in L.A. I occasionally like to visit Skin Laundry in West Hollywood. They offer a newly renovated skin treatment, that aims to deep clean with each and every visit. Laser and light therapy are both used to launder, in just ten-minutes time.

IMG_2081    IMG_2080

My skin has never felt so soft and cleansed. You may also buy their products to take home with you. Right now they are offering a deal for the new year where you can buy a cleanser, three masks and a treatment for only $75. Check it out! Such a great deal. Visit their site to find a location near you.


IMG_2087    IMG_2100


Goodbye for now!

I’ll be sharing a very personal experience I’ve had as of late. Stay tuned.


Sydney S.

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