Your newest instructors #atthebarre

I promise I haven’t been neglecting you all. For the past three weeks, I’ve been engulfed in a rigorous training program: studying and working my body to the core (literally). Truly I haven’t even had a moment to sit down, let alone report me experience.

A few weeks ago I was asked to audition for a position as a Cardio Barre instructor here in LA. Once I was approved, we began training to teach as motivators / health professionals, learning the brilliant ways of Richard Giorla (creator).

IMG_2206  { at the barre }


IMG_2570    IMG_2576

Our schedule went a little like this:

Monday through Saturday about 7 hrs/day

Beginning with class + overview of materials, formats and philosophy / guidelines.

Running the class, taking and teaching other for practice.

IMG_2888  { one of the certification classes }

After week one I was feeling energized and excited about the process of this potential new opportunity. Week two proved to be much harder physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether it was because we amped up the level of learning or I was just physically drained, I do not know. Either way I wasn’t able to take a day off and kept trading through day after day, eager to do put in my best work. As the third week came around, everything started to make more sense as we could finally piece everything together as a whole. Truly I was so proud of each and every one of us girls, and I cannot wait to start working with these lovely ladies!!


{ congrats to us all & a big thanks to everyone who made this possible }

IMG_2960 IMG_2961    IMG_2982

Our NEW STUDIO is coming to you very soon! Cardio Barre Downtown LA opens April 2015 🙂 Message me for details and class scheduling. Yay!

11025127_808276515932997_363001943013732462_n    IMG_3140


209 S Broadway

Los Angeles, California

IMG_3010  { our lovely owner who takes great care of us }

We aim to offer you the BEST experience, while reaching the results you desire. Motivational encouragement is promoted, as well as hard work. As a team we know how important health and fitness is in our everyday lives. It is not taken lightly. Cardio Barre is a high intensity / low-impact class, where we lengthen and strengthen the body. It is an escape and a great way to get out of the work place. Overall we just want you to FEEL better.

IMG_5041   { big whoop to health & fitness via the dancer body }

Come check us out for a fun time and the BEST workout in town !! 😉


I simply cannot wait to start each and every morning off RIGHT!

Make sure to check for the latest deals on classes!

Hope to see you working out with us very soon ❤


Sydney S.

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