A weekend with Miss Gale

This past weekend was dedicated to Miss Britney Gale! We spent the day in San Diego, and two lovely evenings celebrating. Now TODAY happens to be her special day. If you didn’t know, B is normally my roommate in Los Angeles, however the past few months she’s been performing in the newest hit show in Las Vegas. Thankfully she was able to get some time off to come visit.

IMG_3335      IMG_3470

Saturday afternoon we headed to her parent’s gorgeous home. On the way, we were able to catch up like long lost friends. As we arrived we were eager to take photos outside (since it is breathtakingly gorgeous). Her mom surprised us with a candid moment after a funny word she unexpectedly expressed, to make us smile.




After playing with the animals and mixing yummy drinks, we all headed down to a local Mexican restaurant. Talk about scrumptious! Near Carlsbad beach they have some of the best restaurants with the coolest feel. It was so fun to have her folks with us as well: they are a ball-of-fun! The whole experience made me miss my family, as well as our dear friend Brendan.

IMG_3342      IMG_3458

IMG_3332      IMG_3349

We returned home and celebrated with cake I picked up on the way. Although Sunday was a work-day, that night we planned to go to Jazz night at the W hotel. Unfortunately this experience was not how we remembered it.

IMG_3405       IMG_3428

Simply it reminded us that we didn’t really need to go out to have fun. In fact we enjoyed staying in, relishing in good company, much more. I’ll take good people over a good time out any day!

IMG_3334       IMG_3451

I hope you all get some time to relax and rejoice in the simple things of life. Make sure to wish my girl a happy bday and I will be reporting back very soon!


Sydney  🙂

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