Foodie: two new restaurants and a favorite of mine

Normally I’m the type of person who likes routine, especially with my food choices. However I also enjoy exploring; I have made two new restaurant discoveries as of late. Thanks to friends and family, I continue to find new places to grub. Both new locations happen to be in different States that I call come. From Utah to LA here are a couple of small little gems in your local neighborhood:


Toluca Lake, CA

Olive & Thyme

A quaint little place full of character and life: from the wooden chairs, to the Mason jar candles and pots on the walls. Every element has been careful placed and well thought out. Truly you could spend endless amounts of time trying delicious food and digging through keepsakes and treats alike. The menu is eclectic as the set up inside and out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, while Tuesdays include a special selection of burgers for any taste.

IMG_3272     IMG_3274

I might suggest the bacon wrapped dates, filled with blue cheese for something savory. I hear the steak salad is yummy, as well as any number of the shared plates.
My next visit will definitely be fore brunch, or to buy a lovely gift for a friend. Their hot drinks and alcoholic beverages sound divine as well.

IMG_3276        Open until 9 pm daily

IMG_3275      IMG_3277

{ thank you for the suggestion G! }

Lindon, UT
Masa – A Tortilla Bar

Do not let the size of the building deceive you, when the flavor of its food is beyond its walls. While visiting home, my Mom and brother took me to a friendly taco place called Masa. I can easily say these are the best tortillas I’ve ever tasted, all warm, and buttered up and soft as can be.


To drink we had mango, cucumber, mint lemonade that was rather divine.

The queso wasn’t like any ordinary melted cheese dip: the cheese was authentic, with plantains, peppers and beets.

Famous for their tacos I chose the avocado and goat cheese + a sweet shrimp with cabbage. You can mix and match or get two of each.

No dessert for us, although the bananas with feta cheese sounded like an interesting choice.


IMG_4088             IMG_4085

IMG_4083     IMG_4079

{ big thanks to mama Jan for taking us here }

Open until 10 pm on the weekends!

In order to work up that appetite I highly suggest you go for a hike up Stewart Falls! That is assuming you happen to be in Utah, and are able to drive just a few minutes up Provo Canyon towards Sundance. It is well worth the drive, considering there’s a waterfall at the end of your destination and a couple on the way up.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset     IMG_4124

If you happen to be in LA, well I wouldn’t suggest Runyon since it is the most ‘typical’  LA hike you can find. I’m more of a find the hidden gems kind of gal. Therefore I’d say venture towards Malibu or even up towards Franklin Park, hidden within Beverly Hills.

Chow! Happy eating and remember to keep that activity level alive.

Reporting back soon with new finds.





+ + Couldn’t have been happier to have been spending time with my family this past week! More about this little trip coming soon.

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