The A-team: Rebekah Westover Photography + Vivian Johnson

I just wanted to take the time to recognize some beautiful people I had the pleasure of working with back home. The photos you see below are shot by the amazing Rebekah Westover : wedding and portrait photographer located in northern Utah. Vivian Johnson is responsible for the lovely work with my hair and makeup. You can find her in Salt Lake City, UT as well.

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Previously I have been able to shoot with Rebekah, upon graduating High School. As any eighteen-year-old knows, those senior pictures are a big deal and finding the right photographer can be tough. I had admired Rebekah’s work for a while, especially through some admired acquaintances of my own. At the time I wanted images to portray one of the very first milestones in my life, highly associated with my craft and leading into the future. I’ve decided that any major moment in my life will be captured by her expertise.

© rebekahwestoverphotography

I really appreciate how detail oriented Rebekah is with each image. She knows just how to direct the right angles, making you entirely comfortable throughout the experience. What she sees as far as lighting goes is absolutely brilliant. Truly I believe her photos don’t need much editing, since she sets everything up so nicely.

-2h9U2PA4CDoS8J4kCI0Fu-5RuGODTj5_zlbPr2_iCs        RW8AtPIcqxlNixo32he2l4OKc3IFGGbdGueEpq6Fl2M

Notably, six years later I am entering into a very different yet incredibly exciting new chapter. I will get more into these details later on, although you may already have an idea on what I’m speaking about. Either way, it is fun to see the differences in my appearance, and how the past few years have shaped me. I know that if and when I choose to get married, she will be my top choice for wedding and engagement photos! I mean honestly you have to take a look at her recent work: it’s gorgeous! I am honestly obsessed.

1924229_48982061768_2200_n      1924229_48982086768_3288_n

{ old }

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{ new }

Quite recently I’ve become familiar with the beauty work by Vivian. Again I discovered her through a few friends who have been done up by her before, and the results have proven to be marvelous (she has also worked alongside Rebekah as well). She truly is an artist, painting the face as if it is a total masterpiece. The way she layers on and adds the product throughout the process was rather fascinating to me. It seemed so simple yet it highlighted my features in the perfect way. I loved how specific she was in creating what I envisioned, while staying true to the overall vibe of the images we were about to create.

IMG_4065      logoNEWDark-374x75

^^ Ps her blog is absolutely amazing, you must check it out ^^

Not to mention the conversations had, were pretty hysterical if you ask me. She made the whole experience enjoyable and everything proved to go beyond my expectations, up to the final photo check and approval. Oh yes and having my Mom there during all of it, definitely didn’t hurt. She makes every day more fun and less stressful in every aspect. Thank heavens I have her to tell stories to, and fill in the missing pieces when I forget.


With that all being said I would highly suggest you work with both of these ever so talented ladies. They truly will give you the best results and overall experience, guaranteed. Oh yes and if you’re looking for a personal stylist, along with endless hair and makeup ideas: make sure to call my mom! I’m not kidding when I say she has more style and swag than I ever may accumulate. Let’s just hope I learn from her and apply it. Not to disregard my cute brother who came along for the ride, helping to carry things and eat some yummy food with us following. Yea I’d say it made for the perfect day, with the very best people.



Until next time. Many more photos to share!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

with love,

s y d n e y

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