quick NYC trip to get things ~ s t a r t e d

There’s just something about New York City. Whether it’s the constant bustle, or the peace I find within it; something has always drawn me to this peculiar place. Now I am finally finding a purpose in going there, and I think it’s pretty amazing.

This past weekend I traveled to the city with my best pal, otherwise known as my Mom. We were able to explore a bit, and get a better understanding of what my schedule might be like come

f a l l.

IMG_4870      IMG_4836

IMG_4837     IMG_4903     IMG_4819

I was able to have a special conference with both Chair and Associate Professor’s of each Department I will be entering. Quite gratefully they gave me a complete rundown of what will be expected. Unbeknownst to me, they have been working on developing this program for a few years now. It’s been in the works for awhile, and only I and  o n e  o t h e r  graduate will have the pleasure of experiencing it for the first time. Whether I am allowed to disclose that information or not, I couldn’t help but be completely and utterly ecstatic about this news! I mean that’s pretty darn cool don’t you think??

Since it’s somewhat of a test run, both of us will be feeling it out this next year. Frankly I believe we get the very best of both worlds. Just stepping foot inside that building got me excited for what is to come! Viewing the work and performance space only added to my thrill. Sharing that with my Mom was exactly what I needed.  v v v


It just felt so amazing having such wonderfully acclaimed and scholarly people excited about me and what I have to offer. The professors there seem to truly value you my work, and I think they may even may be as excited about it as I am! If only they knew how very lucky I feel to have this kind of opportunity. Goodness gracious.

IMG_4885      IMG_4869

With that all being said, we also had a bit of fun, perhaps in celebration. As we explored, we ended up walking over twenty miles together. Did I mention I got to take class and ran into some friends as well? Wearing a unitard with my hair up, while peering out into the city as the music booms, is definitely my cup of tea. Yes I think I’ll take it: every single day! Oh and don’t let me forget the wonderful food we tasted along the way.

IMG_4824      IMG_4829

We seem to have become quite the foodies (well who hasn’t really), and were able to explore our taste buds a bit too. Since we were feeling seafood, we found a spot near campus called Blue Water Grill. It had quite the fancy feel and I got to taste the most scrumptious seared tuna and kale salad (I’m all about the rare stuff). My mom had a yummy seafood soup and garlic fries! Okay I may have stolen one or two. I also ordered what seemed to be a kind of sweet potato crab hash. I’d say that one took the win! Although the crab cakes sounded pretty divine also.


IMG_4854      IMG_4852

also featured on @brguesthospitality page on Instagram:


As far as breakfast goes, we went to a place right near Central Park known as: Sarabeth’s. They happen to have them all around the city, but I enjoyed the scenery this location provided. Here we both ordered the crab cake eggs benedict, perhaps to make up for the loss of it the night before. Oh yes and the coffee shops we found, definitely did not disappoint either. We made sure to try a local favorite: Tisserie.

IMG_4891      IMG_4893


IMG_4897     IMG_4815

Well that’s that! We may have slid in a movie and a treat or two 😉 Either way it made for a perfect couple of days with my favorite lady, in a vibrant city, exploring my soon to be grounds for adventure. Stay tuned!


{ thirst for knowledge that is – always a student of life }

Thanks for reading.

With love,


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