m i d w e e k — Adventures

The thing with being a performer is that you hardly ever have a case of the Mondays. In fact many Mondays end up feeling like Fridays; when most of the time the weekend falls in the middle of the week. Therefore ‘hump day’ can become pretty darn exciting. That is if you have awesome friends like I do! Here is a little bit about a recent midweek adventure:


My dear friend Trevor returned from his trip, and I finally found myself in LA for more than a week’s time. We decided to meet up near Santa Monica for a nice little bite to eat. The restaurant of choice, with its chill vibes and exceptional food is known as Plan Check Kitchen + Bar. Boy is it divine and rather accessible as far as location goes. You will find it right off of the I-405 on Sawtelle Blvd; however there are several locations around Los Angeles. The kitchen is set up to be known for its ‘comfort food,’ although the small plates and unique cocktails proved to be rather distinct for my taste buds.

My choice of entrée was the Rare Grilled Albacore Tuna (since I literally could eat this type of thing everyday – odd I know) – with shrimp, grilled cucumbers and flaked wasabi. YUM! We also tasted a few sweet potatoes, and my Broadway star of a friend ordered one of the chef’s favorite burgers! Now that made me drool.

IMG_5768_2     IMG_5772

IMG_5773_2     IMG_5764




Following, we headed down to a nearby flower garden. It happens to be known for it’s Bonsai and goes by the name of the Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery. This place definitely makes for a good time, especially with a camera in hand. There are many hidden places for a spontaneous photo shoot with friends (shhh don’t tell). Of course the backdrop is absolutely exquisite. The nursery is said to be loved by the community, and offers a variety of garden designs. Described as a destination necessary to explore, the experience is: ‘really more like an inspired artist’s personal garden.’

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



IMG_5889_2     IMG_5998_2

IMG_5996_2     IMG_5795_2

It goes on and on my friends…

and yes we just continued to laugh at ourselves, as we admired our surroundings.

IMG_5779_2      IMG_5829_2

Next we traveled down the road to a pet adoption center. NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) is special for allowing no animal to go unwanted. With their efforts, I can see the lives of many domesticated pets being saved! Here you may adopt, foster, or volunteer your time. In our case we were just visiting and stopped by to say hello. Not to say we didn’t want to leave with one of the dogs, by the time we were turning to leave. As you walk into the center, you feel as if you are walking into a mansion or some kind of a pet heaven. It’s amazing and so clean!! I about died and it made me so happy to see these animals taken care of. A young German shepherd named Stella stole my heart as she stared up at me in bewilderment. She was so chill and big and beautiful. One day I will get my own, but it may not be the best idea while I’m living in the ‘city.’


NKLA_lobby       { from the NKLA org website }

I highly suggest you pay a visit to all of these lovely places very soon. It was such a pleasant afternoon for the both of us. The times we have off to just explore and enjoy good company becomes fewer and fewer. I think we are allowed to play and discover at any age! It’s what keeps us thriving and eager to move ahead. I’d say it is absolutely necessary.

Be back soon!

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