h o n o r i n g ~ { Ed Flores }

I would like to take the time to honor the work of the amazing Ed Flores. About three years ago, I had the privilege of working with him for the first time. For me it felt like one of the most beautiful collaborations between two artists. Now I have worked with many photographers, however my experience has not always been the greatest. With Ed it is different; my time working with him has proven to be the most special.

10385368_10152148627046769_8121949019117918663_n   { from our first shoot in 2012 }

11209566_10152897758381769_8226290792444916146_n    { shot in March – Spring 2015 } 

This is what I find to be of importance when conspiring to produce images with a photographer:

A feeling of comfort
Overall direction
The artist’s eye
Communication – with a non-invasive attitude / the way they tell you what they want to see
Results & following up with the promised photos (paid or not paid)

557803_10151277117841769_455310199_n    { 2012 }   531670_10151277117776769_162401836_n


Ed does all of this and goes above and beyond. He truly wants you to get what you wish to see portrayed in the images, over anything else. If you do not feel glorious at any moment, he will change that. When you have trouble letting go, he will get you to that workable place that is the most organic. While in the end, he always asks for feedback to improve.

535797_10151277117881769_1815694856_n  { 2012 ) 

I feel as if many other photographers get a bad rap for only really doing what they want. Any form of art should be a collaboration, even if it is mainly for their use. I believe this will get you the best, most unique images.

Furthermore I have also dealt with people who promise certain things, and I have never seen one image from them. I give my time and my body as a portrait, and I get nothing in return. Whether I have been paid for a shoot or not, this is not okay when there is an initial agreement.

Working with and positioning your subjects in a respectable manner, is also very important in my eyes. One should always ask the level of comfortability, as far as the body and wardrobe goes. Everyone has different levels of physical touch and modesty.


427371_10151277118006769_653922137_n     { 2012 } 

Ed makes sure you feel like the very best version of yourself. Able to depict what is most uniquely you, he swiftly aids in getting you to this place. Whether it’s through improvisation, shaking out excess tension, or taking your mind off what the image might look like; his method just works. Suddenly I’ll be moving with my eyes closed, remembering to breathe, being aware of each detail of my extremeties – and this is when the most beautiful and natural images come to be.


{ 2012 – Ed talks about the fingers and how important they are to detail } 

He is able to watch you move, spotting pivotal moments and revisiting them. Each angle or twisting of the body is crucial in capturing the final image.

557579_10151277117951769_1353829624_n    { Dec 2012 }


To view all of his incredible to work please visit: 



59700_10151277117746769_1067843695_n     { 2012 } 

You may also read his incredible story of how he got started! Believe it or not Mr. Flores started out as an engineer, when a health scare led him to have a change of heart leading him to specialize in a true passion of photography (emphasizing in dance).

Ed is quite a lovely soul. I will always look forward to my work with him, and appreciate what he gives throughout the overall experience.

11419_10151277117926769_963669975_n    { 2012 } 

Now here are a few examples of what we have created together most recently:

22007_10152796272766769_7131947042833999297_n       IMG_3169-1

IMG_3168      21243_10152762873676769_8264180102482507087_n

{ Spring 2015 } 


If only there were enough words to express how thankful I am for this man and his work! Again please pay him the respects of visiting his site. If you ever get the chance to work with him in you lifetime, I HIGHLY suggest that you do. It will be like nothing you could ever dream of.


1451567_10151812074236769_434173230_n  { 2012 – always reaching past boundaries } 

Until next time. Keep creating!

With love,

S y d n e y


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