busy { bee } + staying afloat

While my schedule proves to be JAM packed generally, lately it has become incredibly taxing on my body. When you do what you love and livelihood is involved – how can you say no? Although I do realize that taking the necessary time to recover, only leads to better execution of one’s work.

3P6O9690    { photo by Tom Cisneros }

To prove my point, here is my recent daily schedule:
I teach CardioBarre in downtown LA, early morning Monday through Friday:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 6:30 am

Tuesday, Thursday @ 8 am

IMG_5663_2      IMG_5693_2


Disney is in peak season summer operation, therefore I work twice as much as usual. For example I just did six days in a row of 4-5 shows daily (and driving in between).


IMG_6095   { pc : @disney.princess.anabelle on IG }



Often times I also train in Pilates (classical form involving the apparatus) before my day starts, while I workout on my own throughout the week.



A typical busy day is as follows:

Pilates @ 6 am
Instructing CB @ 8 am  —> (short nap if i’m lucky)
Shows (5) at Disney 12 noon – 8 pm


IMG_5747        11138579_834179870009328_3430679628719125470_n

IMG_6089   @yaaas_disneyland


Not to mention I’ve found myself working on things after this already 14-hour day of all physical work. Even though this schedule may not happen every single day, it is seeming to occur a lot more often than not. I will teach at least five times if not more, and go in for shows at least four days throughout the week.

DTLA, CA–Now Open


@bodybyaaron — Pilates Fitness + Yoga Tune Up ®

With this all being said, I need to learn how to manage my energy, doing my best to recover before my next task. For the most part I am able to dividend up my time: ensuring I get enough sleep and eating throughout the day. The point i’m trying to make is how crucial it is that we take care of our bodies, so that everything runs smoothly. As a performer, the body takes on a lot. One has to be aware of what limitations the physical structure has. Since I start to believe I have none, I am reminded the minute I begin I burn out; realizing that it is only recipe for injury.


these are things that keep my sanity ^ — { nature walks & time w family }


Be mindful! All great reminders for me and you alike.

Once I get some sleep, I will be back to report on the next venture!

See you soon,

s y d n e y

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