it’s all about the { people } people

Yesterday morning while driving to work I cried almost the entire way. As I reflected on the night prior, I couldn’t help but be extremely happy yet upset all at the same time. It finally dawned on me that I am in fact leaving. I’m leaving a place where I have come to know some of the most beautiful people on the planet {meaning my close friends}, and I just cannot get myself to say goodbye. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky.

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Two years ago I moved here in pursuit of my career. Picking up to move is never easy, especially when you do it on your own. As tough as it seemed at first, I picked up individuals along the way who came to enrich my in life to the fullest. I can call them some of my very best friends!


Of course it wasn’t always smooth sailing; I found myself quite selective in who I was letting in, being the introvert that I am. However the more people I met, the more I understood just how similar so many of us are. I have to say I feel like I have an apt for finding the very best people to be around. Call me biased, but there is no other explanation behind how I might be feeling now.


I realize there’s never really enough time, or ever enough words to express how much you appreciate those around you.

As I looked across the room I couldn’t believe how I had managed to find such beautiful souls, skilled in every manor.


From my tight knit group of friends, to my coworkers and fellow company members: I feel as if I have developed a family here with an incredible bond.

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Leaving college, everyone was going his or her separate ways and it all seemed just a part of the process. Now I’m here preparing myself for this new adventure, and it seems much harder than before.


Although I feel what I am aiming towards, is exactly what I wish to be doing and at exactly the right time: happiness comes in all forms, and I know where mine lies. Even so, I do see that the people are what make everything in your life. As independent as I may be, I can see this through and through. While I am in pursuit of something greater for myself, I vow to never lose touch or forget about the people who get me through.


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Check out the fun little spot we discovered in Santa Monica, known as Bodega { a wine bar }. Talk about such a chic and fun environment! I am definitely a fan.

IMG_7164_2    IMG_7177_2

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As much as I don’t want to leave them, I know they will always be here. Making the most of the time I have now!
Thanks for reading,

S  y d

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