where the M A G I C happens

D i s n e y l a n d : a place where magic happens and dreams really do come true { with you girls}.


I’ve spent a large majority of my last two years at the resort. Most of this time, I found myself on stage performing. Although, I have been lucky enough to interact with guests – especially children – seeing the constant twinkle in their eyes. It truly is a captivating moment. In fact I remember being this kid myself. It’s amazing to see what has been created by one idea and a lot of imagination. Truly it inspires me to be a more originative artist, constantly challenging ideas and seeing them through.


{ circa 1992 – almost the exact same location as where I perform }

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing the park with a handful of amazing girlfriends. Talk about a fun day! It happened to be a first time experience for one of our lovely ladies at the park. This made our day feel as if we were all experiencing it again for the first time, as we took her to each land and ride.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


We admired each guest: a special mermaid seemed to be our favorite.


Together we watched shows, including mine (Magical Map) & went to support our friend @ Mad T Party! It was nice to be an audience member, enjoying it all from a different perspective.

May have had an ice cream or two.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Rode the biggest and fastest rides.

Bought minnie ears, all correlating with our particular and unique personalities.



The list goes on and on….. including celebrating the 60th Anniversary!

IMG_7348        IMG_7367

Sometimes I forget how great it was to be a kid. In art (specifically dance for me), that playfulness is always something we are trying to revisit. It’s important to be reminded of this creativity, especially alongside amazing people!

IMG_7394     IMG_7382

For me, it was better than the best day I could have ever imagined.


Thanks girls! I cannot wait to see my family here next week.


Man I am one lucky gal!

Be back soon.

With love,

s y d n e y


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