h i k i n g { trails } – Timpanogos Cave

This past week I was able to spend time at home, before I began the start of one crazy adventure. I spent my days training, taking class and spending time with family. Over the weekend we all went hiking and reveled in the beauty of the outdoors.

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IMG_8215     IMG_8207

On Saturday me and the boys traveled up to Timpanogos Cave. Being a Utah resident, it’s surprising I hadn’t done this before. The sights are beyond incredible, while the trail is rather enjoyable. While the distance hiking up one way is only 1 1/2 miles, it is quite steep and the elevation is insane. Once you reach the top there is a ranger that takes you through the cave. Although this was fascinating, I’d much rather do it on my own and dig a little deeper inside.


IMG_8248      IMG_8219

IMG_8222       IMG_8217

I have to say, we sure had a lot of laughs along the way. In fact we even got in trouble for having a little too much fun (typical). My brothers, Dad and Kyle definitely made it more than worthwhile. Somehow I made it up without rolling off the side of the cliff; although I was doubled over most of the way. Man I am thankful for my people.

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oh hello


I just cannot wait for Taylor to join us when he returns home NEXT WEEK!


Oh and I think I’ll keep him…

IMG_8232    IMG_8218

Bye for now! More adventures coming soon. I’m in NYC at the moment, getting things set up for the big move. Update on that forthcoming, while I travel from location to location as well.

Much love!


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