the start of – NYC – { living }

The last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind, and it’s about to escalade. Last week I traveled to NYC to find an apartment for myself and my ever so darling roommates. We had a plan, and we had been chatting with many people but just like anything: you have to get out there and you have to make moves.

IMG_8447    IMG_8557

Traveling on the red eye, I landed Monday morning and started looking right away. I couldn’t check into my hotel until late so I began my search in East Village, near NYU. Wow was this miserable. Everything I saw was a disaster for the price I was wanting to pay. Actually all that was available, just ended up being a nightmare and for an insane amount of money. Although I had expected this for the most part, it wasn’t to this extreme. I wasn’t for living in a closet, up six flights of stairs with no elevator, for an absolute fortune of fees coming out of the woodwork.

IMG_8463   { I find the fire escapes so interesting }

As I returned to my hotel in the afternoon, (exhausted and without food) I let myself rest a bit. My girlfriend encouraged me to come a bit further North to look. We had been in contact with a broker, who seemed to have some great deals in a great area. Even though I was opposed to living this far from school, I thought I’d take a look.

IMG_8521   { love this girl }

Lucky for us we fell in LOVE with the places she showed us! Each and every one of them. They were all in an awesome neighborhood, and had been newly renovated and/or hardly lived in. If only I had to listened. However I realize now I had to see all of the bad to fully appreciate this gem of a place. We were set on it.

IMG_8528       IMG_8448

{ it’s all rather endearing }

Since the office was closing we decided we’d apply the very next morning, deposit in hand. That night we got work that someone had already taken the place off the market, within the hour we had been there. I couldn’t believe it. Apartments literally go that fast in NYC. So we chose our second choice; just as marvelous but with white walls instead of the distressed brick on one side.



{ can’t reveal too much now } 

So then we waited.
And waited.


In NYC once you apply and put the deposit down, they no longer show it to anyone else. Then they look through all of your finances to see if you’re able to be approved. That was the longest twenty-eight hours of my life.

IMG_8550  { luckily I had great friends to keep me company }

In the meantime I continued to look, regardless of the fact that I knew we wouldn’t like anything else nearly as much (unless of course we had a million some odd dollars).

IMG_8532  { may have stopped by here in the passing time }

Jacob’s Pickles is a great option for dining. Just a little side note.



Wednesday we were OFFICIALLY APPROVED!!!!

IMG_8501      IMG_8485

{ Kelly not pictured – yet she will be along for the ride too }

I spent the rest of my time meandering around NYU campus, and working out at the athletic facility. As I mentioned, in the evenings I also found time to meet up with a couple of friends of mine, whom I have met either in college or through living in LA. Now that is just what I needed. Knowing I am moving to a place with many friends whom I adore, definitely makes this move that much better. Not to mention I’m just obsessed with every part of this transition anyway.

IMG_8559      IMG_8358

I don’t foresee myself ever getting sick of this miraculous place.

In that case you better all come visit me soon!

With love,

S y d n e y

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Heading overseas now.

Reporting back soon.

x o x o

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