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Growing up I didn’t get to travel a whole lot. This has left me with an eagerness to get out and explore! You may call this a feeling of Wanderlust. Even though the majority of my traveling has been through work, I’ve always managed to have time on my own.

IMG_8990     IMG_9001

I’ve found myself lost in cities around the world, with no direction of where I would end up. It’s a magical feeling, not knowing, and learning from the vicinity.

There’s just so much to get out and see! Sometimes there’s nowhere to go, but everywhere.

This time around, I was lucky enough to have a travel partner. Little did I know other-worldly experiences could be a lot more fun with an adventure buddy!


{ you will come to see that I am clearly obsessed with this town hall }

Since we were staying just outside of Hamburg, we spent the majority of our time here. While I was touring last fall, I discovered this city to be a personal favorite.

Here is why:

Hamburg is a gem, known for many unique attractions.

IMG_9008    { photo by the lovely Georgia Politano }

The history and architecture alone can leave you mystified.

IMG_8974    { Rathaus – seat of local government  }

Surrounding waterways allow access to many activities, as well as one of the best places to get fish in Germany.

IMG_9028     IMG_9002

Although much culture thrives, the city offers quite a youthful and modern vibe.

IMG_8989    { Hi Kyle }

Being one of Germany’s wealthiest cities: it has a well-known shopping district offering stores from all over the world, alongside local boutiques and quaint vintage shops.

IMG_9037      IMG_9031


One of my favorite moments included a nice dinner down on the water, accompanied by light rain and scrumptious eats. The restaurant we visited – known as Ponton – is right in the heart of the city. For me, dining is all about the experience as well as the delectable taste of food.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I enjoyed a Salmon dish with cucumbers, while Mr. Kyle ordered Thai Chicken topped with pineapple that may have been for the win! Honestly anything you order is going to be over-the-top yummy from Café Ponton.

IMG_8984      IMG_8980

The umbrellas, heating lamps, and cozy blankets (as well as service) bumped up our experience to a whole other level! So much so, that I would easily recommend this place to anyone.

IMG_9029      IMG_8986

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Although our own exploring continued, a couple of friends of ours discovered a nearby carnival in Heiligengeistfeld (Hamburg), between St Pauli and Schanzenviertel – sure try pronouncing that one. The Dom is one of Europe’s largest funfairs, established clear back in 1329. One night a few of us decided to run around like children, carefully selecting each ride we wished to go on. Considering they were 5 euros each, this became somewhat difficult at times. Candy ropes; roasted almonds and odd drinks seemed to also be a hit! Finally we all decided to venture into a haunted fun-house together, where waivers were not presented and touching flesh was a normal act for these ‘scary’ monsters.

IMG_9056     IMG_9019

IMG_9011      IMG_9013

Oddly enough another activity I enjoyed was the daily train rides to and from location. Kyle always seemed to know exactly where he was going, even when we were a little off track. Not to mention he made friends with absolutely everyone along the way.

Again that feeling of being lost never scares me, especially when time feels like it has stopped.

IMG_9067    { photo by us }

Needless to say, we had A LOT of fun. Even though our trip went by in the blink of an eye, I enjoyed every single minute of our time in Germany. In fact we even had a good time on the long trip home back to the States. All thanks to the amazing guy/people I was traveling with!

Up next: back to more Utah adventures.

Keep on exploring!


S y d

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