{ Germany } we meet again

In the past year, I have completely fallen in love with  G e r m a n y.  Two different jobs have brought me to explore this rather alluring Country and I myself can’t help but be incredibly thankful for these opportunities. Being able to probe the world, whilst doing what I love; is nothing shy of amazing.

IMG_9072  { Hamburg – Rathaus }

This time around I was hired to perform with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) in an annual Metal Festival entitled: Waken Open Air (2015). From what I understand the festival began around the same year I was born, by two men in the small village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein. Even though this year’s festivities have already occurred, it appears that next year’s showdown is already sold out! Considering there are around 80,000 fans attending, this seems almost impossible after just one week. Clearly the event has grown since it’s first opening.


IMG_9105     IMG_9159


Rain or shine, people from all over the land come out to trudge through the mud and cheer on their favorite bands. It’s a complete marvel. By the sounds of it you’d think it would be over the top WILD. From my view of things, everything was set up in the highest caliber.

IMG_9114       IMG_9118

IMG_9117     IMG_9095

Now if you’re not familiar with TSO, well you should be. The band is well-known for their Christmas Albums and the U.S. Winter Tour, which branched out of the works of Savatage back in the 80’s. As an individual band, Savatage had not performed at Wacken alone in thirteen-years. This was their reawakening! They were welcomed back as a two headed beast, alongside TSO (first time rockers at Wacken) on two enormous headliner stages.



I for one was lucky enough to be a part of this massively historical affair! As the headliners for the very first night of W:O:A, I performed alongside some of the most brilliant artists of this generation or the one before. It was definitely a night to remember.



Since we had little time to prepare such a colossal performance (thousands of lasers and pyro included), we got right to work. Rehearsing long hours, day after day, each of us developed close ties with one another. Although I was the newbie, I felt welcomed with open arms by members of both of the bands.

IMG_9207     IMG_9149

It wasn’t until we arrived, that I understood the true power of what was about to take place. Solely standing on that stage looking out into rows of bodies was an indescribably cool feeling. I was in disbelief. The way the festival welcomed us was nothing but immaculate. This includes the incredible treatment and hospitality throughout our experience within the artist’s lounge and surrounding.


entering the battlefield 


  preparing for battle of the bands in the purring rain


   first glance of the stage 


making friends with legends 

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

   celebrating a successful night ! 


Again, what an honor it was for me to be considered a member of both TSO & Savatage for such a special night. It is possible that this event may never be repeated in the way it was carried out. The brilliance that happened on that stage for 2 + hours is inexpressible. I will always cherish my time with them, on and off that stage.

Next I will be sharing my days off in Germany, exploring with my very favorite person.

Stay tuned!


{ just to give you an idea }

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