n y c ~ living

My first couple of weeks in the big city have been a complete whirlwind. Adjusting to a new lifestyle is always difficult, but even more exciting than I could ever imagine. I haven’t been able to document what I’ve been doing because I have just been too darn busy. I’ve been in the middle of an intense summer course, while putting my apartment together with my sweet roommates.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

more couch        front door

home sweet home 


Lucky for me, I also have a mass amount of support and help from the people I love!


lucky girl

Don’t worry, I also managed to have a bit of fun. In between readings, writing papers, lesson planning and putting our place together; I visited Central Park, Lincoln Center, the World Trade Center site and of course Washington Square.

chalk       boat

food      memorial


There are endless restaurants around NYC, it’s almost too many to choose from.

pizza      thai


Music is everywhere. Art exists in everything. The liveliness about this place is endearing.

Exploring is inevitable.


Exploring with your best friend is as lovely as ever.


And running into all of your friends (and supporting them in their success) isn’t half bad either.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

kim      kelly Pearl

friends LC

Oh and most importantly: there’s dozens of opportunities to take photos along the way!

fade babe

At the moment I’m in Boston with family, anxious to start my official first week of school at NYU. You’ll definitely be hearing from me very soon.


S y d n e y

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