Halloween nyc style

Halloween weekend was a huge success! My love was able to fly out to spend time with me. Although everything was pretty last minute, we had a ball of a time. Luckily I have someone who finds the fun in every situation. We could be doing absolutely nothing and I’m always laughing. Not to mention he is the world’s best sport with all of my girly pursuits.


On Friday we were invited to an event at the W hotel in Times Square. The event was hosted by Ivy and boy was it a lovely affair. The theme was James Bond style, where everyone showed up best dressed and ready to mingle. We began the night wandering and admiring our surroundings. Eventually we made friends and chatted about the importance of education! YES. Near the end of our time spent at the Living Room , we found our own little corner and danced until we were clearly red in the face. Now that’s what I call a good time!





Saturday happened to be my first day off from school in eighteen days. With that kind of relief, we didn’t really have a plan. The gym definitely happened but as far as Halloween goes, we had NO idea what to dress up as or even if we should consider it. Kyle decided we could either be fighters or Danny & Sandy from Grease! I quickly agreed and we got right to work. Basically that meant I grabbed some leggings, red lipstick and we were out the door. Soon we found ourselves down near Times Square (again) and boy was that a sight! The amount of creatures/costumes we ran into was just incredible. Gosh people even asked for photos with us, like those creepy Mickey Mouse characters who stand near tkts. It was pretty hilarious.

IMG_3456      IMG_3458


Restaurant feature of the year (or really a lifetime) goes to:

Vai Restaurant on 429 Amsterdam Ave

The food and service here is literally to die for. I could not  dream of a more delectable variety of food. We tried the red snapper, which was a recommended special to share. The owner/chef was seen out and about checking in and even serving food himself. Everything was absolutely divine, including all of the little surprises we got to sample.

images   800x800_1402422242566-salmon

Highly, highly recommended! Five star ratings.


Oh yes and Martian with Matt Damon is a must see as well!

The NYC marathon was this weekend too. We happened by this, on our way to the Museum of Natural History.


Photos on photos




this guy


all weekend long


my favorite


lucky girl


more info coming soon about an upcoming performance this month!



x o x o

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