The Proposal – A Winter Wonder

Kyle & Sydney

Syd & Kyle quick edits  7

This story of our special day is written by Kyle’s wonderful mother Karen Petitt, my future Mother-In-Law.

Walk with me and enjoy!

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Two days after Christmas, a friend and I drove up to Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah for what I thought was a brunch date, but ended up being the most epic proposal a girl could want. I knew Kyle was capable of pulling off some type of magical moment for us when the time came, but I never dreamed that he would gather a sizable crew of “assistants” to shovel charming paths and steps through the Aspen forests to create a snow cave with candles and rose petals as the perfect backdrop for the proposal. They spent several freezing pre-dawn hours carving out this scene and placing photos and garlands of greenery along a bridge leading to the site—a labor of love since the resort had been plowing its way out of a huge snow storm just a few days prior. I arrived unaware of all the behind the scene efforts, which included Kyle flying in a day earlier than expected and arranging hundreds of details like presenting me with a beautiful rose gold ring in a charming tree-bark box with our initials carved on it. My friend Spencer suggested that before we eat, we check out where she and her husband had photos taken earlier that year. She led me to the path and I finally knew something was up when I heard music playing from a song list Kyle and I had created specifically for each other. I soon spotted the big red bows that led to this romantic vista and when I turned the corner, there was my love waiting for me. He kneeled down, and before he could even speak I was excited and overwhelmed and amazed that he had done all of this for me. I don’t remember what he said I was so excited, but I will always remember how he made me feel—like a princess right out of a storybook! I didn’t want this moment to end! I said yes, we embraced and danced and frolicked through the glorious woods giggling and smooching like two love drunk kids.


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Location: Aspen Grove @ Sundance 

Photos by the lovely Claire White,

one of my oldest and dearest friends.

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Syd & Kyle quick edits  14

Syd & Kyle quick edits  12

Syd & Kyle quick edits  16

Syd & Kyle quick edits  19

Syd & Kyle quick edits  10

We are so appreciative of EVERYONE involved in making this day possible!  Every one of Kyle’s friends & the team of people we had up there to help us document every detail.

Syd & Kyle quick edits  13

Thanks for reading

xo xo

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carey says:

    We love your pictures and your story!! Congratulation to you both. Yay Kyle! So hapot for you!!!

    1. Thank you oh so very much! We are so excited. I appreciate you reading Carey 🙂 I will be posting our video very soon.

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