why dance is just as important as science

Dance is just as important as science, my friends.

Yep. I said it.

Every day of our lives is an improvisation (which happens to be my favorite thing about dance)! It’s a bit of feeling, flowing, falling and attempting to gracefully recover without anyone noticing. I’ve got some ideas of where I want to go and what I want out of life, but they’re just little hypotheses that I still have to explore and test. Sometimes they work out, and sometimes they don’t. But isn’t an experiment (in science) a creation and trial of something to prove its relevance? (Hint: it is!) Therefore learning HOW to create and test those hypotheses is crucial! Well before I get carried away, let me give you a few more reasons why I feel that dance is just as important as science:


1.) both subjects involve experimentation leading to discovery

2.) each are constantly changing/evolving

3.) they both offer multiple solutions to a problem

4). creation happens with or without validation

5). in many ways they teach us more about ourselves & about life



Some of the best minds and teachers known to man were scientists! Galileo, Einstein, Bill Nye the Science Guy… But teaching is SO MUCH MORE than just being a good ______________ (fill in the blank). Oh! You’re good at science? That doesn’t make you a good teacher (SURPRISE!!). You’re an All Star football player? Newsflash: that doesn’t directly translate to being a good coach. I bet you’re an amazing dancer! But…yes, you guessed it! That doesn’t automatically mean you are equipped with the skills and expertise to instruct, teach, inspire, lead, and EDUCATE.

As educators we may be the facilitator, but that doesn’t mean we need to become dictators. We can only teach students to teach themselves. So may I ask you:

What are the benefits of pedagogy?

Should traditional ways of teaching be scratched?

What can dance teach us about approaching other styles of teaching?


 What do you think?

These are questions I’ve been asking myself in the last few months. As you may know, I began a dual degree Masters program at NYU specializing in dance performance and dance education. I have always valued my education and growth above all.

It’s an investment in yourself.

Instead of putting money into “things” – I am passionate about expanding my mind and sharing what I discover with others. These concepts simply cannot be learned anywhere else than in a classroom. It is an in depth research of my most favorite thing in the world! MOVING. I mean yes, you learn by doing and actively putting yourself out there BUT there is always so much more to learn!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

But that is besides the point. What really matters is how YOU can be a better learner, teacher, and hopefully an ADVOCATE FOR THE ARTS!!!


Coming to a University to STUDY the art of teaching while simultaneously studying dance…well it’s been humbling, to say the least. I’ve learned so much. One of the most important things being that teachers, contrary to popular belief…brace yourself…don’t actually know everything! And it takes a lot for a teacher to recognize that.

So why is dance just as important as science? Isn’t it just a release of energy? No no no no no. Dance is about creation, exploration, growing, personal development, cognitive efficiency and self-awareness.












< photo by Tavis Johnson >

An excerpt from my philosophy as of now and ever expanding:

The knowledge learned from dance is multifaceted and applicable to all avenues of life. It expands the mind and ways of thinking, while a better self-awareness develops through understanding the body.  Many things happen in a classroom of movers: relationships are built, personal inquiry and artistry grows – while discipline is established, alongside respect for the body – leading to a sense of empowerment. Through cognitive development, dance teaches the brain to think innovatively. The body learns to focus on detail, as it relates to other bodies. Through this experience, the individual creates his or her own individual voice through movement. The student then evolves physically, intellectually and emotionally as well.


I challenge you to read more about

-why many teachers need to come down off a pedestal

-how dance is not just a “release of energy,” and it is beneficial for everyone

-what I believe a teacher should learn from each individual student and his or her learning styles

click the link below.


Get off your high horse



Thanks for stopping by!



Kyle was a major contribution to a lot of the “voice” in this post. Huge thank you to him for always being interested and invested in what I do! ❤

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