our engagement video #adventure


This video speaks for itself.

Our words and time together mean so much to us. Take a minute to view!

Again we are so grateful for our collaboration with incredible people, and we love making new friends. We crave adventure and we will find any excuse to travel…. together.




We are pretty darn lucky to have worked with the ever so talented @audreyalbafilms ! Contrary to popular belief,the company is actually a pair of men who named their brand after their sweet daughters. We had the pleasure of working with Jason, who is out of San Diego, CA. WOW is he talented! Take a look at his work at any of the locations below:

Vimeo – http://vimeo.com/audreyalbafilms


or IG @audreyalbafilms

He took the time to really get to know us and he followed us around for hours. We even hopped in that rad car with him and took a ride. What a sweet spirit he is with INSANE talent!

Enjoy 🙂 thanks for watching


Syd xoxo



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