a year at TISCH

What an absolute whirlwind.

I am still trying to dissect and absorb everything that I have experienced within this school year. Basically, I’ve never been so exhausted in my life. The last few weeks of the semester, I felt like I was clawing my way through each day. No joke. The city doesn’t help either: NYC wears you out entirely, on top of twelve-hour school days. Okay okay, we are normally only there from 9 am to 6 pm but with late night rehearsals and performances, it adds up.

As MFA students we have:

technique, normally twice a day




a seminar class with a well-known writer from Dance Magazine

musical resources

and I have my own specific focus in dance pedagogy (teaching dance), something I value above all

not to mention the dance new media focus,

along with opportunities with choreographers such as the incredible Crystal Pite.


Here’s a little something I created in our composition class with Phyllis Lamhut.

also available on my YouTube page

music by Explosions in the Sky (2016) – “The Ecstatics”

In this class we focused on the basic elements of dance, aiming to look at work and “motion” in a whole new way. My biggest takeaway from this class was the idea behind “inhabiting the body” through movement. What it’s like to improvise within each display of artistic choice, or in other words performance.

Any given day is an improvisation, and as much as we can plan and structure what it might feel like, we can never truly know; so we must allow ourselves to simply experience it.


I’ll be writing more about my year and opportunities to come over the summer.

Moving to a new place is not easy. Pursuing something you really believe in, isn’t either. I only asked to be challenged, and I wanted to grow. I love learning and even in frustrating situations, I know that so much growth will come of it. That is why I stay in it. That is why I keep going.

More to come.

photo by ed flores

with love,

sydney xo ox



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