Orlando pulse tribute workout

Me and Kyle live for couples workouts (okay maybe it’s just me). When we are apart he sends me workouts to do just about everyday! Since we are together right now, we’ve been working out together non-stop. It has been a lot of fun. I think our motto is to do something active every day and to do it with a purpose.

On Monday we decided to honor and pay tribute to those lives who were so horribly lost in Orlando, FL. A community of people who gives SO much. A community that loves.  We got the idea from the imfamous Crossfit Hero WODs that are commonly undertaken on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any other patriotic holiday. These are workouts done to pay tribute to someone who has lost their life.  It’s an opportunity to dig extra deep. To push harder because you have something you’re fighting for. Something that helps you dig a little deeper, to grind, and sacrifice some comfort.

We chose to do 50 reps of each of the exercises, instead of stopping at 49.  To us, it represented progress…but also that the 50th rep was for each victim’s partner, friend, loved one, family member, or any other associate that is going through such terrible pain.

“49 of our brothers and sisters gone, but not forgotten.”

Here is what the workout was made up of:

Bench press  x50

Deadlift  x50

Shoulder press  x50

Lunges  x50

Back extensions  x50

Barbell curls  x50

Land mine thrusters  x50 (for this finisher, we read aloud the names of all 49 to count out each rep)





I highly suggest you try it! Now of course you can sub out any of your own sets of work, just makes sure it’s always 50 reps.

And, remember those who have been lost. Let’s stick together.


Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to keep up with this guy.

Let’s think happy.

Stay tuned for more couples fitness.

Sydney & Kyle

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