Bound for Santa Fe

Santa Fe, my old friend.
I can’t spend my whole life dreaming.
Though I know thats all I seem inclined to do.
I ain’t getting any younger.
And I wanna start brand new.
I need space. And fresh air.
Let ’em laugh in my face. I don’t care.
Save my place. I’ll be there.



This weekend we decided to venture out to Santa Fe, NM for some fun. Kyle has been telling me about this place for weeks. When he visited this city for the first time, he just knew I would love it for everything that it is. The arts and the outdoors are all I need, along with this special guy.


We stayed at the Drury Hotel located in the Plaza downtown. It’s rustic interior, including local art work by Palace Avenue Arts, offers a homey ambiance for guests. The rooftop deck and pool overlooks the rolling hills of Santa Fe, which are dripping in history.


As we drove into the city I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous adobe homes, nestled in the hillside. There’s just so much green!





Naturally we had to go explore the Sante Fe National Forest ^^^ the next morning. We hiked up to Hyde Memorial State Park, which led to a waterfall and natural spring. See video below. Next time we plan to stay and camp all weekend. They have such an awesome set up for individual little camping sites!

Other spots to visit while visiting this wonderful city:

Canyon Road – a long line of art galleries in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, featuring fine art, dining and great shopping.




The Rooftop Pizzeria – on the Plaza, overlooking the lively streets below. Their pizza is one of a kind, with thin crust and the yummiest ingredients.

Palacio Cafe –  these wonderful people welcome you into their restaurant as if it is your home. It is affordable and so fresh! You can stop by for breakfast, lunch or a scrumptious treat and you’ll leave with compliments, a full belly and even a tight squeeze and a kiss. I had a KILLER B.L.T.A. (“a” for avocado) with turkey added on. Oh my heavens…it was so delicious. Kyle had a salmon fruit salad.  Yummy salmon, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, and greens.  Eating well is sometimes a struggle on vacation trips, but so rewarding when you do it!


Cheesemonger – the owner let us try every type of cheese we could every imagine. He knows more about cheese than Kyle says he knows about anything (and I thought Kyle knew everything!). It’s like he took us entirely through history, while tasting each ingredient to specially make each wheel of cheese.


IMG_0557 (1)

The weirdness of Meow Wolf‘s art installation House of Eternal Return – “a unique art experience featuring a wild new form of non-linear storytelling which unfolds through exploration, discovery and 21st century interactivity.” It is quite the immersive experience, but make sure to read about the mysterious home before entering.

IMG_0519          IMG_0518

What a wonderful weekend full of weird art, fine art, fun, new friends, running into old friends and a lot of laughs. We’ve got the travel bug.



See you in Utah soon for our wedding celebrations! Yay!

Chow for now,



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