I’m selling my clothes! @sydneytshop

For those of you who do not have #instagram, I thought I’d share my clothing items here as well. If anything sparks your interest comment below or send me a quick message to sydney.t.soren@gmail.com ! These dresses are from many parts of my life. I have had some really FUN memories in each of these and I’d love to pass them along to any one of you.

Prices listed, along with brand and size.

On IG my primary account is @syd_soren while the “shop” username is now @sydneytshop

Jessica McClintock

size small


I wore this for my very first photoshoot with Rebekah Westover & for a fun winter formal.

FIESTA red dress

size xs


I wore this for a sweethearts event but it seems like the perfect cocktail attire, with or without the little jewels.

Kimchi blue

size small


This was for a shoot with Rob Higginson, where I was hiding a scar from a recent fall at the Jazz game when I was a Jazz dancer. Let’s hope that didn’t make it on the Jumbotron!


size xs


The perfect homecoming dress, coming up just around the corner! No I was not homecoming queen, but I did go to the dance with the QB #Tbirds



size small


Unfortunately this is sold, but it holds so many memories! From my first photoshoot in Los Angeles with Vince Trupsin, and appearing on an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker.


Stay tuned for more! I’m cleaning out my closet at the moment and I have many more items. There are more dresses to come, along with jackets and blazers. Shoes may be available soon too. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask! We can easily negotiate. Venmo is my preferred method of payment, but I don’t mind figuring out the best method for you.

Thanks for stopping by!


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