details of our honeymoon in Belize!

What an incredible few weeks it has been! Spending time with my honey, wedding bells AND an amazing honeymoon?!! Just what my soul needed. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time. We decided to venture down to Belize to explore the jungle! What is the one thing that America cannot offer to travelers? The JUNGLE. We’ve got beaches, mountain tops,  city life, and all sorts of features from high to low. But there is nothing like the jungle of Central America.


We decided to plan the first part of the trip (my style) and totally wing the last half! This spontaneity mainly comes from Kyle’s adventure side but I’m all for it with a little bit of organization! Kyle booked our stay at a Boutique Resort called Mahogany Hall. Talk about a dream. There are only eight rooms to this marvelous hotel on the Mopan river, including a luxury suite. You wake up to birds calling and the sounds of the river below. As a couple (or single guest or party) you may choose to stay on location or venture out to the wonderful surroundings that San Ignacio, Belize has to offer!


Our first night included a candlelit dinner for two, complimentary drinks, soothing tunes and rose pedals! I seriously felt like we were on the Bachelor Survivor Edition (BUT BETTER). HUGE thanks to Marsha! She made our stay feel like home.

Day two we went cave tubing which included lunch and all of the gear! Almost everyone has been tubing down a river…

Where dark finally meets light at the Crystal Cave, Belize

…but when that river takes you deep into a 6-mile long cave system?! Um, it was INSANE. Make sure to ask for Edwin if you want the best and most personal guided tour out there. He never rushed us through, even though he does this all of the time. In fact, while every other tour group was cruising right through the cave, Edwin pulled us over, we climbed over some rocks, and found a pristine, clear, and seemingly untouched pool of water! We cliff jumped, explored, and just sat in wonder and awe of the cave. Absolutely breathtaking.


Day three was all about the Ancient Mayan Ruins. So much history and magnificence is held within these ruins! As we walked across the top of the structure, we couldn’t believe how far we could see. Guatemala was just on the other side of the tree tops. Again, Edwin took us around to two different sites. It’s hard to describe what it feels like, walking through these ancient cities. Some of these structures took over 400 years to complete! It was a very peaceful and reverent feeling, walking where the Mayans once walked.

Kyle is all about being submersed in the culture that a country has to offer. Not only did we do the tourist type tours and hotel stay, but we got to experience authentic Belizean food and people! Here are some examples of what this entailed for us:

  • the Saturday local market
  • dinner at a local home
  • playing with the local kids in the river

We also got to visit the Iguana Project where we saw, touched, held and fed at least 30 Iguanas. Talk about FUN! Definite must do while in Belize. They were climbing all over us.


The last couple of days of our trip were pretty spontaneous. Instead of heading back to the airport, we decided to hop on a water taxi to Caye Caulker! This is an island in the middle of the ocean that is known for snorkeling (Sydney’s biggest fear in life).

Our day went a little like this:

We sail out into the ocean, Sydney gets burnt like a tomato. The boat gets to the first destination, Sydney does NOT want to get into the water. Two rules of thumb in our little snorkeling trip: don’t touch the coral and don’t touch the big green turtle. What does Sydney do? She touches BOTH. Whoops!

Second stop is shark and ray alley. Um what?! You mean I voluntarily have to jump in the water with a bunch of nurse sharks? Well we did it! So we can officially check that one off! It was actually pretty amazing being in the water with these creatures. Scary, but amazing. Next stop, the big coral reef. Sydney comes into contact with the turtle, aka gets in the way of it’s breathing path. Sydney starts to swim back to the boat because she sees a BIG fish that looks like a really big shark, but ended up being a tarpon (which get to be 4-5 feet in length!) Yup.  The coral reef was pretty incredible. Everywhere you looked there was another creature just doing its thing. The water can be kind of a scary place!

Basically, I had one too many panic attacks in the water, BUT I faced my fear and it was with my love! Kyle doesn’t let you not try anything. I love that about him.



Next I will be sharing the last stop on our honeymoon in SAN FRAN! Talk about one of my favorite places in the whole world and man did we eat a lot of yummy food.









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