the day before the big day > by FirmAnchor

A moment alone, before our big celebration.


Firm Anchor

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul , firm + secure .”


While the days before a wedding are filled with love, they can also feel a bit chaotic. So many people to see, along with last minute details and final touches to ensure everything runs smoothly.

For us, having a moment alone to just be was so important.


Ashley & Ben came into our lives via a photography giveaway on Instagram. Quickly they became two of our favorite people! What blessings they have been on our lives. The moments they capture are invaluable and their work is evident of their relationship as a couple. The love they have for each other shines through their work. Together they work passionately, discovering the most special moments for us in our love.


We played games, whispered in each other’s ears and went on being our silly selves. Everything was led by them in such a comforting way.


The best part?  They created the most special moment to close out our time with them. It is something we will always remember and take with us for years to come.


Location: Alpine Loop

Up next: Wedding Day Photos!!

We can’t wait to share!

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