Why we love SF

It has been a month since we returned from our honeymoon (sad face) but I’ve been meaning to tell you all about our time in SAN FRAN!! To finish up our travels, we made it back to the US and up to the Golden State. Our main goal was to visit Muir Woods. We happen to have an obsession with trees, aka I’ve always wanted to live in a secluded forest (uh it’s a wonder that I live in NYC). SF seems to have the perfect mix of the city, outdoors and aquatic life.


In Utah we are used to the gorgeous pine trees, but there is just nothing like the redwoods. They’ve been around longer than our country has been established, AND they can be taller than the Statue of Liberty! How insane?! We sure felt like little ants next to these massive lifeforms. Kyle hugged a redwood saying: “I could cry, I’m so happy.” So yes we frolicked like giddy little children through the forest of massive timber. Typical Kyle & Sydney.




Before the woods, we biked all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge! Starting near Fisherman’s Warf, we pedaled across the national monument into Sausalito and onto Tiburon. It was about sixteen miles in total. In Sausalito we stopped for some yummy Italian food and FREE dessert! In fact we got offered dessert TWICE that day. It definitely doesn’t hurt to mention it’s your honeymoon 😉 Oh yes and we chose to take the ferry back, entering the eery fog and pretending like we were on the Titanic.




Have you ever heard of a food truck roundup?? Every Friday there is a designated area for food and live music right near the water. They call it “Off the Grid.” (Go to their site here.) It’s the most brilliantly hip idea i’ve ever laid eyes on. It is so No Cal. We ate until our stomach’s hurt and then ate some more. Of course we threw in a few dance moves here and there as we pranced around. Mmm mm. This was the place to really dive in with our sweet tooth! Ghiradelli Square, Sausalito, and the roundup all contributed to our buzzing taste buds. Gosh I need to work out just thinking about it. 100% worth it people.






Thankfully we were able to stay with some amazing friends, right in the heart of the city. The Wilkinson’s are the most hard working, kind hearted people we’ve ever met! Dani & Winston we cannot thank you enough!!! We’ve decided we need to become travel partners with them, and our besties the Clark’s (soon to be party of three).

Let’s see what else?! Oh yes I plan to move us to SF one day. It is literally perfection. The arts, outdoors and everything you could ever need is all in one place. I’m so happy I got to experience this with Kyle.


He’s my favorite travel partner and I cannot wait to continue to explore the world with him. Serious face.



Love, Syd


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