photo session with Jiyang Chen in NYC

I am super excited about these photos shot by Jiyang Chen.


He’s rather wonderful!




Jiyang is a New York City based fashion and portrait photographer, also known for his background in music. He is an accomplished concert pianist who similarly studied at

New York University.

You can read more from his bio here.

We decided to meet up at Washington Square Park before the sun rose. In NYC, commuting can be quite the adventure. Taking the subway from Upper Manhattan to the Lower East Side is interesting on any given day, but before 6 am on a Saturday felt somewhat eerie. You see we wanted a location and time of day where people weren’t swarming the area. Although we weren’t the only people in the park that morning, it definitely had more of a peaceful feeling.



For hours I danced around the park, hiding in the bushes to change my clothes. My darling friend Stephanie Yonkovich graciously lent me a few pieces from her fabulous closet.



It was the perfect start to my last year of graduate school at NYU.


Dance photography is never an easy task, but I have to say Jiyang seems to be capable of tackling just about anything. I really appreciate his attention to detail and his sensitivity to my critical eye for movement.



If you’re looking for a NY photographer message me at or comment below. I have a couple in mind for you!

Next up is my most recent shoot with my girls 🙂








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