girlfriends for the win

I thought I’d do a little feature on my cute friends!

all photos by Mike Slagter


Seriously though, what would we do without girlfriends?

I sure wouldn’t have survived Kyle’s deployment without them.

Late night chats, Bachelor obsessions, rooftops and matching themed attire; all necessary to survive any hardship! Not to mention the crazy hustle and bustle of NYC.

This is Lauryn aka “Lo” – She’s the most positive person on the planet. I love how much she’s constantly reminding me that life is just GRAND!

There should be no worries 😉

She also started a little project for those of you who are NEW to NYC.



Bridget aka “B” is 100% of the time living in her own skin. I LOVE that about her. There’s no BS and she’s pretty much game for anything.

Oh yea and I want to steal all of her shoes. Her entire wardrobe is just insane.




You can talk to this girl about anything and she will LISTEN. She has your back and man is she beautiful inside and out.

Hard working and oh so sweet! And boy does she make me giggle too.



Stephanie aka “Yonk” is just the brightest GEM. I mean come on she should be on the cover of a magazine!

She’s such an inspiration and I can’t help but admire how driven this girl continues to be. Thanks for keeping us on our toes Steph.

And man I love how much she believes in love.


The glue to all of the madness. She’s the reason I even have friends in the city. This girl brings all of the BEST people together, from LA to NYC.

I love our late night talks, workout sessions and shopping dates.

Thanks for being wonderful & oh so talented.


aren’t they great??


i think so!!


not to mention, ALL of my friends here in the city are pretty darn amazing.

oh yea and here’s me




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