Wolf Creek, CO


We are all about the outdoors! Give me a bunch of trees, a mountain to climb and I’m good to go people. It was only fitting that we decided to take a trip to wintery Colorado for Thanksgiving! I have to say I miss Utah. It’s a wonder that I’ve lived in two major cities.


Although I grew up snowboarding here and there, I often refrained due to my dance training. Kyle learned to ski in college, but this time he decided to try boarding. It was quite the adventure but we definitely improved each day.

Once we arrived in Pagosa Springs, we drove straight to the resort! It was time to get to work. We stayed at a nearby cabin-like home thanks to VRBO. Talk about amazing! It slept eleven of us and there was plenty of room for all of us and five dogs. Not to mention it was fairly inexpensive.


Each day we took the short drive up to Wolf Creek to spend the day in the snow. Our crew was made up of all different levels of skiers/boarders.

Basically, it was an absolute blast!

After up to 7 hours of “shredding” the mountain, Pagosa Springs provided us with a marvelous hot bath aka natural hot spring. Apparently they are the deepest you’ll find? Yea that felt pretty nice on the body.



It was three days of pure magic and I didn’t want to leave. Returning to NYC was not easy. It’s always upsetting to have to leave my spouse and go back to school — but we are at the home stretch! The tears will only last so long (hopefully).

We may just have to return to Colorado asap.


Next stop? Make a suggestion!! What is your favorite trip / holiday tradition? Go go go !!



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