a Utah Christmas

Kyle’s birthday is December 26th. Talk about rough. I try my best do make his day extra special, following the biggest day of the year!


We took the long trek to Utah to spend Christmas with my family.  Since we just got new snowboard gear, we headed up to the slopes as much as possible. Snowbird one day and Sundance the next. It’s hard to pick a favorite resort. Sundance definitely has better prices, but it can get super busy. It’s all about the timing! But Sundance is definitely, in my opinion, better for beginners to intermediate riders (which is probably why it’s so busy). The runs are a bit easier, there’s more “blue” runs, and you aren’t breaking the bank while only barely scratching the surface of the mountain! With a winter storm and the right day of the week, you’re bound to have a good time (I suggest you go on Christmas eve or Christmas day, because there was almost no one there, as opposed to the day after). Whether you ski or not, visiting any one of the resorts in Utah is an absolute must. They are insanely beautiful and so peaceful when covered in white.








practice makes perfect


Zermatt Resort & Spa became our home for a one night stay. It was so relaxing and in the perfect location. Park City is normally my favorite place to stay, but Midway proved to be a great option. It’s quaint, convenient and the scenery outside your window can’t be beat. We got a deal with the bed & breakfast package and spent the night in the pool and sauna. I suggest you venture out to dine. There are super cute coffee shops and cafes nearby. Oh and getting to the resort (Sundance, Deer Valley, PC or Canyons) is easy peasy.








In Utah County we made sure to stop by our favorite spots: Sodalicious, The Mighty Baker and our latest find — Rockwell Ice Cream. Okay yes they are all dessert places….  I don’t have a sweet tooth or anything (he he). The thing is my Mom / Grandma are the best cooks so we didn’t eat out much. At Sodalicious you can’t go wrong. Try any drink mix and make sure to get a frosted peanut butter cookie (frozen). We are Mighty Baker’s biggest fans! He did our cake for our wedding, and recently won Cake Wars (yes, the show on The Food Network). Make sure to try his Cheesecake, sugar-cookies and french macarons (most of his creations are inspired by NYC). At Rockwell’s I would suggest Honeycomb, Peanut Butter Oreo or Smores. The perfect place for a birthday gathering  😉




 when i try to take their photo lol


We got to spend time with family and friends, enjoyed the outdoors, and ate lots of yummy food. I hope everyone gets to visit Utah sometime in their life. It is an absolute MUST. I may be biased but I think it is the most gorgeous pace on the planet!! Plan a trip asap and message me for suggestions.


from us





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