Shine Cosmetics – bringing the beauty back into makeup, one inspiring message at a time!

Are you a mom who is concerned about what your daughter has in her makeup bag? Are you someone who is sick of the the overly sexual connotation of beauty?
Do you want to bring back femininity when it comes to beauty and makeup!?



Shine Cosmetics

aims to bring the beauty back into makeup. “Products developed to be your new best friends. Inspiration on every package and infinite possibilities to enhance your beauty.”

As a Shine specialist, one of my favorite things about these products is the encouraging messages on each individual product.

Below you can see how the lip gloss is labeled.


Recently I’ve seen makeup labeled as “sex,” “despair,” “underage,” “full service, “F-bomb” and even “super orgasm.” LIKE HELLO!!!! NOT okay for any young girl and I don’t even want to read that at my age. 15578940_10154875441535742_1499008500058017536_nI love the positive vibes that Shine provides! As a dance instructor to many young students, I often worry about what they are being influenced by. (Honestly I’m SICK of the over sexualized moves I’ve been seeing so many tiny young girls being asked to perform). We can be a part of a revolution to bring back beauty and celebrate femininity!


We all need these kind of reminders from time to time.

In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my personal favorite products, as well as application techniques. I wouldn’t be telling you to use this stuff if I didn’t apply it to my face myself! I’ve been a performer for many years and having products that are easy to use are a key to my every day life.


Interested in trying our products?

Want to become a Shine specialist?

Comment below or message me asap to join my team!

Official launch is January 15th!!


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