I’m singing the blues –> looking back on our amazing winter break and trying to push through the NEW YEAR!

I’m sitting in the airport in Houston waiting for my next flight to NYC and I’ve cried the whole way. NO JOKE. I’ve said this over and over but I am just DONE living apart from my husband. I want to be with him NOW!! As we know, everything worthwhile requires extra work and patience. We made a choice and I am going to finish. I’ll be done with school this spring and everything should then start to come to fruition.


(photo by Eric Schwantes

Instead of dwelling in my sadness (but really), I’ve decided to look back on our time together this winter break. We became very fond of a place called Pagosa Springs which is near a ski resort in Wolf Creek, Colorado. We’ve been up there three times since November!


This place was too beautiful! #goals



We snagged this gorgeous cabin thanks to AirBnb!

Without a doubt we were able to sleep eleven of us pretty comfortably. The key was finding a place with a hot tub so that we didn’t have to spend extra money at the hot springs (it’s pricey). It came out to a whopping $115 per person for three nights-!

NOT BAD if you ask me!!


The main reason for our CO trips is to SNOWBOARD! Thankfully we got to go each day we were there! The lift tickets are pretty inexpensive — cheaper than anything I’ve seen in Utah, other than maybe Sundance. The snow is AWESOME and there is hardly anyone there, unless it is a major holiday. Pagosa is far enough away from Denver that most people flying in stay up North. Most everyone drives up from NM, TX or the local area to ski at Wolf Creek.


If you find yourself at Wolf Creek, do me a favor and head over at the Alberta lift. It’s pure HEAVEN!!! I mean it is a literal dreamland. Powder, trees and just the most peaceful ride. Oh and by the way, if you aren’t the best skier / snowboarder — do not fret!!! I hadn’t been in ten years and Kyle JUST started learning. They have expert ski instructors and there’s plenty of green / blue level hills to practice on.

We’ve now gone TWELVE times this season!

IMG_4954 (1).jpg

 I am really going to miss the slopes while hibernating in the big city #sadday




The details of this cabin?? I mean HELLO!! It was gorgeous. Not to mention it sat on seven acres of land and we felt right at home.



My mountain man! lol


If you’re not into the winter season, I suggest you fix that real quick!!

The mountains are calling and I MUST GO…. always.


(photo by Eric Schwantes)

Now back to reality.

Anyone else have the beginning of year blues??

Currently crying. It’s fine.

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