training for LIFE

I am no fitness expert. I just enjoy working out.

It makes me feel better, helps me overcome stressful situations and I honestly find it to be a fun activity!


Luckily, training is something that me and my husband really like doing together! He does his own research and designs most of our workouts. We hold each other accountable and push each other through. When we are living apart (like right now due to grad school and the military), he continues to send me training regimens so that I can stay on track. And we  talk about how much we want to continue to be mobile as we get older.

This is a previous workout we completed together.

This workout is done in 12 minutes time.

Every minute on the minute you switch exercises:

1) Burpee jump-overs

2) Wall-balls with a squat

Now GO!!!!


Many people think that as a dancer you do not need to have additional training. I’ve never agreed with this. All of my cross-training – whether it be in pilates, CrossFit, TRX or circuit style training – has helped me with injury prevention, endurance and overall strength in my dancing.

My goal in 2016 was to improve my arm strength, since my lower body is naturally pretty muscular.

If you ask me, my legs are pretty crazy and abnormal looking (lol). That is coming from the dance world where everyone wants to be long and lean. But it is what makes me, ME! And honestly I’m pretty proud of these legs. I could not do half of the things I do (specifically jump) without my enormous calves. I’m constantly trying to remind myself that STRONG IS GOOD!! Say it with me: strong is what we aim for! Am I right??

Kettle bell exercises are my favorite! Try this one! You can use a light weight if you need.


Calves…. I know.

You want to know how I got these?
Thousands upon thousands of relevés 

It’s true. Dancers naturally have built calves. You can too! I don’t mind giving you a step by step instruction if you’d like. Keep in mind, I also teach a barre fitness class.

It helps when you have new shoes to motivate you 😉

Lately we’ve been focusing on setting new goals for ourselves. Nothing unattainable, just something we can work on and progress at over time. One goal of mine was to run a mile under nine minutes. says that “high fitness women” run a mile in nine minutes or less. Last week I beat my time by a whole minute!! You can do it too! Also I should note, I am no runner.


Okay so I am now challenging YOU to amp up your fitness!

This can be in ANY way you wish. Pick one small goal and reach it!! I’d love to hear about your own personal goals. Comment to share any struggles you are having this month and let’s work on them together.

I love sharing workouts too! Anyone up for an exchange let me know. My friend Jess Toolson (follow her at @jesstoolson) had this idea recently & now I am hooked!

Keep it moving! I support you!

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