from inappropriate lipstick names to pure INSPIRATION on every package!! xoxo

February is the month of everything LIPS  xoxo

But it’s not what you’re thinking. To me “lips” signify the way of communication and relating to others. Lips do not have to be a purely sexual. They open up possibility to complete empowerment!!

I’m definitely a sucker for lipstick & anything that involves positive vibes.

Lip Gloss


Don’t these names make you feel GOOD?!!

Admired, Spirited, Sassy, Lively, Dedicated, Bold, Strive & Loyal


Opposed to THIS :/




Like what? Just No. I’m NOT AMUSED!

Don’t get me started on NARS blush…



Back to Shine Cosmetics 

(If you would like to purchase anything at anytime let me know. I’d love to put in an order for YOU. You can also click on Shine Cosmetics above to browse.)

Lipstick15590460_10154875441395742_1893072243331316777_nAll smiles here.


Lately I’ve really been into the “Influence” lipstick. My new favorite is “Honesty!”

Pair the “Dreams” lipstick with the “Content” lip liner (suggested by one of the creators of Shine) and you cannot go wrong!! Basically, there are a lot of super fun combinations to try!


MUAH!!! Stay tuned for next weekend. I have a Giveaway coming your way AND an online party! Check out Shine with Sydney for the event details. You can immediately be entered in the giveaway just by stopping by. Yay!!

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