a weekend full of friends & food!

Last Thursday I attended a Tisch performance which ended in a night with friends. Little did I know, Kyle was on his way to NYC. In walks this wonderful man and I couldn’t believe it! I literally ran smack into him and did not see him because I 100% did not expect him to be there.

And there began our weekend full of adventure.


And food… lots of food.


when we cheat…. we cheat!! 

Friday I had class/rehearsal all day but we were able to stop by the Cupcake Market for my favorite treat AND Black Tap for a burger.

Saturday we traveled to Brooklyn to meet up with a friend who also traveled from NM to visit. We stopped by Zona Rosa taqueria, a cute antique shop and Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg. I must be a ‘wannabe’ hipster because this sort of thing gets me going!! You have to check it out. There are so many interesting things to try and you know I support individual artists! In short, it’s a weekend market “for the creative and the curious.”




do share!!



After thirteen miles of walking, we ended up at Motorino Pizza completely famished. We each ordered our own individual pizza and devoured them each. I mean come on – can you blame us? Don’t you just want to lick that??





We may or not may have had Mexican food and some yummy cannoli’s too. Whoops!





Normally when Kyle comes to NYC we sleep in, work out and make our own food. This weekend however we had friends along for the ride and we just had to show them a good time (which actually meant they showed us around a lot of the time).

It was a good time with GOOD people.


the boys. saving our country one deployment at a time. 


how cute are they?? this is my roommate and her bf. we have the same birthday and basically are soul sisters xoxo


my girl Natalya. she’s the sweetest. we once did a show together in Germany with TSO one summer 


And Spring Break is coming up soon!!! Yayyyy!

I get to be with this man for a whole week! Praise the heavens.

Also, my family is coming to visit soon. Please share with me your favorite spots in the city to grub! I cannot wait to show them around 🙂


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