brunch is a must <3

Brunch is just SO nyc. You can’t deny it.


When the weather is good and everyone has an extra pep in their step too. It’s like New Yorkers go away to hibernate all winter and the minute the sun comes out EVERYONE IS OUT!! And brunch is always the answer.


We survive the city by joining together & food is the perfect excuse.


Lucky for us, there are a few hidden gems right next to where I live. Me and Lo decided to have our own little date, which continued late into the evening.



Anchor Wine Bar – Hamilton Heights


After twelve days in a row at school, this day proved to be the perfect medicine.


Should I have been resting my feet? Probably.
But in a city like this – how can you miss a beat?? We had to do the thing.

Here are a few more brunch recommendations I have for you!!!

Agave – West Village

Sarahbeth’s – Central Park South

The Regal – Williamsburg

Mr. Purple – Lower East Side

I hear NoMo in SoHo is amazing too!!


Really you can’t go wrong. Find a spot, sit yourself outdoors if you can and enjoy!


If you have any brunch spot suggestions — DO SHARE!!



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