WM Nutrition is a daily necessity for me!

I’m all about health and nutrition.

I may not be perfect but I do know what makes me feel good.


Recently I’ve partnered with WM Nutrition to bring you some of my favorite supplements!

Click here for complete access


An old and dear friend, Jess Toolson, is the reason why I am completely hooked.

I highly suggest you follow her ­čśë


I use three specific products every single day!! Best part? Each item is SO easy to carry around because they all come in their own individual packet. Purse and gym bag friendly!


Here are my top three:

  • AdvantraSlim – suppresses appetite, increases metabolic rate and BOOSTS energy!
    • my favorite flavors are pineapple strawberry and coconut lime ­čÖé
  • Pre-workout –┬átake 10 to 15 minutes prior to workout for endurance, muscle enhancement and amplify┬áperformance
  • Protein – calorie burn, performance, recovery and repair
    • it is all natural, lactose and gluten free!



Amp up your fitness! GET IN THERE!

NEW discount code coming tomorrow!! STAY TUNED!!

xoxo, Syd




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