Click – a collaborative all original LIVE performance of music & dance in TX

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Ballet Lubbock to create a piece called “Infrared” for their all original show “Click.” I was brought on as a guest choreographer, among one of my close friends Bashaun Williams of Ririe-Woodbury Dance. Read about our bios here.


Composers Scott and Amy Faris created music for the production and boy was it phenomenal!! I could jam to their stuff all day. Listen to the music here.


My piece definitely has a futuristic feel. It is powerful, emanating strength and unity through change. Lasers appear on stage building the intensity from beginning to end. The dancers are wearing grey bio suits with red knee pads, gloves and black booties. Musically, Scott created a score deep rooted in space with actual sounds from NASA. His guitar solo on stage in sync with the dancers every move makes for a lasting impression.


See the promo video here, which includes the music from my piece!

Oh and the dancers!! How I adore them. I absolutely LOVE working with the students of Ballet Lubbock. They are all so incredible and they work SO hard. Yvonne Racz-Key, Artistic Director of BL, is a force to be reckoned with. Talk about amazing training!


Dancers: Bella Bennett, Natalie Chestnutt, Jemma Gaines, Lissie Hill, Julia Kern, Madison Lindgren, Sydney Mora, John Rowley, Theo Spencer, Marcos Antonia Vasquez, Leah Vinson

I must admit, I’ve been worried about my move following NYU. Now that I’ve found Dance in Lubbock (and near my husband no less) I am no longer stressed or worried. More than ever I am excited about the future!!! SUPER excited! Dare I say Lubbock is the next big thing??


Video to come!

HUGE THANK YOU to Yvonne, Nick, Scott, Amy, Janie, Letty, Winston and the dancers for an unforgettable collaboration. Now let’s do it again!!


If you missed my last performance click here.

For information on my next project go to this link here.

all images property of Ballet Lubbock

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