Taking a break, in order to recharge >>

Can i be honest?
Since I graduated in May, I’ve been completely burnt out from dance. I’ve taken a break from my creative work because it was just something that I needed to do.


Having your passion as your job, isn’t always as easy or as fun as it seems. I mean yes it’s amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but just like any artist I think it’s important to take time off to reflect, so that when you’re ready to begin again you are refueled and ready to go! When creating starts to really feel like work, I think maybe it is time to reassess and recharge.


I’ve taken the last few weeks to focus on things I wasn’t able to in the last two years. Two years of living and breathing dance, in a city that has a tendency to eat you alive. I lived away from my husband and I felt it was important to focus on our time together. We’ve traveled, visited family and friends, and really started to begin a life together. I needed that too.


Now do I feel a little lost currently? Well yea, I do. And that feeling can really start to get scary. I know what’s down the road in the next few months or so, but beyond that I have uncertainty. I’m trying to remind myself that that feeling is “okay,” since up until now I’ve always had a solid plan.


Then yesterday my colleague called me out of the blue. I answered even though I was with friends. This is a woman who really understood the pain of being away from a spouse, and the need to pursue an art form in a place that didn’t always make sense. She just gets me and I look up to her an awful lot. So we talked and she reminded me of two very important things:

I am (we all are) coming out of that school a lot more improved than I actually realize, and overtime I will begin to see it.

Now I have a new kind of path with my partner alongside me, and that’s pretty amazing.


Ultimately I believe most of my experiences are meant to happen so that I meet the people I do.

Oh yea, and I will never stop dancing!!! šŸ˜‰


all photos are by the amazing Alycia KravitzĀ 






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