Why I joined the LipSense frenzy

Alright so I know what you might be thinking…. Here we go again, another LipSense gal who is going to blow up my dang feed! Well that is not my intention and frankly I don’t care what you think. Why?? Bc SeneGence products are like NOTHING ELSE and until you try them you just won’t get it.


Also, I am one of those people who has to always be doing something. I HAVE to stay busy or I literally go crazy. After a little research, I knew that LipSense would give me some serious motivation while I transition from school back into the work place. Not to mention it is helping me pay off my student loans. Boom!!


So I graduated from NYU with my MFA on May 19th and I signed up ten days later. YUP! You know what I like best about it? Well let me give you a little list here:

  • LipSense ties in with everything I do – dance, fitness, travel and the like
  • I am able to brand it in a way that fits me & my style – aka no cheesy crap that I don’t agree with
  • Being able to organize my stock & have total control over what I’m shipping out makes my OCD side SUPER content
  • The phrase “work from anywhere” is 100% the TRUTH – since we were traveling around for six weeks, I just took it with me everywhere I went
  • My husband will ACTUALLY kiss me when I have stuff on my lips now because LipSense doesn’t leave a trace!
  • The SeneGence community is SUPER supportive and actually cares about MY success
  • There’s not JUST lip products. SeneGence has everything from skin & body care, to anti-aging serums AND makeup
  • I ONLY USE THESE PRODUCTS NOW!! No joke. Morning & night.



praline rose is my every day fav

all photos by the amazing Rebecca Rice of Rebecca Blue Media

check out my LipSense page here > Blush a little longer & if you’d like any more info on the biz email me at blushalittlelonger@gmail.com ❤

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