life lately

Alright, here are some more honest feelings for you.

As I mentioned, I’ve been taking a break from dance this summer. I just had to do it.

The last few months have also included A LOT of change. I’m someone who is always open to change, it just takes me a good minute to adjust. When I moved from SLC to LA, I had to learn my way around. I remember it taking a whole week until the tears stopped and a month until I felt like I could do it. Then NY was a whole new beast! Three months went by before I even started to understand the subway, and it took a whole year until I felt like I could make it a home.


Now that I’ve made the decision to live with my husband, I’ve stepped into a completely unknown world. The arts hardly exist here (compared to what I’m used to), and I feel like I’m starting over once again. Side note… I’ve moved probably close to fifteen times in my life so you’d think I would be used to all of this by now; but it just never gets easier. Adjusting is HARD. Moving to a new place can be totally scary. So recently I’ve had four major breakdowns where, dare I say, my husband was worried. And so, needless to say, July was ROUGH.



By the way if you don’t know much about us, my husband is a Captain in the Air Force and I am a dancer / choreographer who just moved to the middle of nowhere from New York City. Hah! Oh boy…


Okay ok, now for the good news. In the last year I came across a ballet studio in Lubbock, TX. If you read back, you may have seen my post about their production of “Click” that I had the pleasure of choreographing for! These people have already begun to save me. I absolutely love their mission and everything that the school represents. They “envision a community transformed by art that embraces dance as a relevant, enriching and integral part of life.” I will be be an instructor at BL this fall!


As of last week, I was also asked to teach ballet at a nearby university in Texas. I’ll give you a massive virtual hug if you can guess which one 😉 The new Chair of the Department just happens to be someone I have looked up to for years. I can’t believe it! Talk about #goals ❤ and a big step in all of the right directions. Both women I will be under the direction of are people who I admire deeply. How lucky am I??


So I’ll leave you with this: No matter what you’re at, you can make things happen. If you’re struggling, you’ll pull through. Change happens and when you take major strides towards your ultimate goals, things can get scary. But guess what? I promise you it’s worth it. And all you people out there pursuing careers in the arts, KEEP GOING!!! We need you. KEEP MAKING WORK. If you need to take a breath in order to recharge, then do it. But as soon as you’re ready, jump right back in!! Know what you’re worth and by investing in yourself you’ll only come out stronger, no matter the struggle. EMPOWER each other and keep at it. You’ll figure it out 😉


all photos by Rebecca Rice of Rebecca Blue Media 

Ps another major event is happening for us this weekend. Stay tuned!

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