The week before my birthday, Kyle (my husband) asks me if I want to go to Canada. Ten days later we end up in Alberta.


We decided to stay in an AirBnb near Calgary. As we walk in the door, we are greeted by three humans singing “happy birthday” as loud as can be. There is a birthday sign, treats and even a cake! The woman who owns the home is Canadian, however the other two are German. Within an hour we all seem to become the best of friends. I’m not kidding when I say I could have stayed inside with them all day! We did eventually leave the house and head into town however.


Peace Bridge, Calgary

The next day we ventured to Banff National Forest, which easily is one of the world’s top destinations. It is beyond beautiful wherever you wander off to! Lake Louise and Lake Moraine are breathtaking. Just look at that frickin water… it really is that pure Emerald Blue color. We hiked, canoed and stared in awe at the nature surrounding us.



Check out TripAdvisor for more info on the lakes here.

Lake Morraine

Although it was a short trip, it was definitely a memorable one. We made new friends who will remain friends forever. I ate more than my body could handle, including an insane amount of ice cream even though it was frigid cold. Tim Horton’s became a quick favorite, even though I don’t even really like donuts. And somehow everything was hilariously funny. I’d have to say the Germans contributed to that one. “That’s nice,” “panties,” “sorrrryyyy” / calling each other every old name in the book (Peter, Barb, Richard, Maggie, Tabitha, etc.) was quite entertaining to say the least.

Oh! And a few recommendations for Banff??

Definitely go to all of the lakes. All of them. But if you had to pick one Payto seems to be one of the best. Lake Louise is insanely large and Lake Moraine definitely has less tourists. Make sure to get there early for parking, so that you don’t have to take the shuttle up & down.

Eat at Saltlik (order the calamari) on Bear St. & definitely walk around the cute little town of Banff (it’s kind of like a bigger version of Park City, UT). There are waterfalls, crazy castle hotels and many insane views. I love the whole vibe.

In Calgary make sure to visit the WinSport Olympic Center. It’s super cool. Do you need to do the Luge? Nah! Rent a mountain bike instead.


Sanka, ya dead mon?

Best ice cream in town? Made By Marcus for sure. The internet will tell you it’s The Village but it’s not.

torched marshmallow

Oh yes, and the peace bridge is pretty spectacular. There’s a cute cafe nearby called Alforno that is a must as well.

We’ll definitely be heading back to Alberta in the future. I’d even say I could live in Banff! Oh 100% It totally reminds me of Utah (but better) AND there’s a massive Arts Center. Like hellooooo, do I need anything more? Oh yea and everyone is super friendly.


in town

  If you can learn one thing from this post here it is: GO TO CANADA.

adventure buddy



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