Family is everything

Gosh it’s been three months since I’ve posted anything on the blog. It was never my intent to get this behind, but we’ve been busy!


This fall I began a new job at Texas Tech University.

I am an Adjunct Professor in the College of Theatre & Dance. It’s been a huge challenge, but also super rewarding. I’ve learned SO much about myself as a teacher and I know I will always continue learning and adapting along with my students. Since we live in NM, I drive over 1.5 hours each way to get to work. Occasionally I’ll sleep in TX just to help with the commute. Blah! What’s funny is I moved here so that I could actually live with my husband for once, and I still don’t see him half of the time (that might be an exaggeration). We had three months together after I graduated in May, I began teaching in September, and as soon as I’m off for winter break – he deploys.

Yup! My husband is currently at war and it is the holidays. It’s been rough to say the least…



But yesterday we realized this: “What you learn when you can’t be with your family and loves ones at Christmas is that the only thing that matters is them. Presents don’t matter. Not even a little bit. They’re a fun bi-product, but nothing in the world can replace being with my little family.”

That is a direct quote form Kyle, but we’ve been discussing this all week.


Each gift I opened this week reminded me more and more of how much I just want to be together for Christmas. It is SO HARD. I’m trying to stay positive but that is literally all I want / need. It honestly might take an experience like this to fully see how important this is too. So many of us forget what this season is all about!

With that in mind, here is what I ask of you:

Hug your loved ones extra tight.

If you’re with them BE GRATEFUL.

Think about buying less presents next year.

Collect experiences, not things (my brother always says that).


And if you have a deployed spouse like me:

Stay BUSY.

Collect girlfriends and build a community.

Find something that keeps you motivated. For me it is FITNESS! (I started Crossfit the day after Kyle left).

Allow yourself to be upset, but try not to dwell in it (this one is hard for me).

Do something you normally wouldn’t. Take an adventure! Explore a part of yourself that you might often neglect.

What else? Keep smiling & hold on to those around you.

Wait! One more thing!! GET yourself A DOG who will be a distraction for you day in & day out. No kidding, our little pup has been the greatest investment we’ve made in a long time (or maybe ever). He is the BEST dog and I’m not even mad about losing sleep over him because I love him THAT MUCH. Who would have thought?? I mean just look at him!



Now we are about half way throughout this deployment and it’s Kyle’s birthday/Christmas. Woof! I’m not necessarily looking forward to the next few weeks but each week feels closer to the end.

The one thing I do know is that my husband loves his job and I will always support him in his hopes and dreams. He’s the most amazing man I know and that’s what makes this so hard. He does SO much for our little family and having him gone is just a constant reminder of how much different my life is without him.


But even though it’s hard, I know he’s over there making a difference. He’s doing it for us. For all of us! And if you ask me, the most noble thing in the world is to invest yourself in something that is much larger than yourself.

I say we end the year with this – let’s be less involved with material things, as we learn to be grateful for our experiences and the people who make our lives full. And if you have the chance, do something that can really make a difference. Something that is much bigger than you.

Merry Christmas!


From my family to yours and no matter how far the distance.





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