Mad Max

This is me.

Okay ok, this is a really done up / dressed up version of me (thanks to Kristie Wilson & Whitney Otte) but yes, this is me.


It’s funny because a younger version of me would have been very unhappy with this photo. I mean it… Growing up in the dance world, I’ve had many issues with my body over the years. MAJOR ISSUES.

But now I love this photo. Muscular legs and all.


Now of course it helps to have an amazing team putting all of these elements together. Whitney Otte is a total genius and I just can’t get enough of her style and vision. It’s RAD.

So when she approached me at the rock climbing gym in our current home town, I couldn’t help but say YES!! Little did I know I’d totally fall in love with this girl, her family, and everything she’s about. She’s a constant reminder for me to always DO YOU. NO matter what.


It’s funny how that happens…


When you move to a town you are sure you are going to HATE, and you just happen to find all of the right people. People who are willing to be creative with you and who keep you motivated to stay creative.


Yes I am a dancer.

I’ve always been a mover, a choreographer and an ever evolving teacher in dance. But I have this need to always create, whether it be through dance or any kind of medium. And for me collaborating is key!


It’s an interesting thing living in a town that is heavily involved in the military too. I mean talk about being the odd one out here. There’s often this stipulation of “this is how it should be” kind of mentality, but that has never set well with me. I like being different (even though sometimes I have to remind myself of this too).


And I must say, this shoot totally took me out of my comfort zone, and that is exactly what I am always trying to do. Do more, discover more, and push beyond all boundaries.


So I will restate: this is me.




At times broken (and I mean really broken),

but always striving for strength within it all.



And that is rather freeing.


“Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves,” — a quote from The First History of Man, a fictional book that exists within the Mad Max universe


HUGE thank you to Whitney & Kristie (plus Nate and little Archer, Sydney & Henry) for making this shoot possible. Love you guys!!

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